Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • A cute show...

    I enjoyed this show. If you were wondering why it was cancelled, read on.

    the show lasted four seasons. Its first two seasons had descent ratings while its third had great and its fourth had dissmal. Why? Well, the original concept of the show was a story that involved the two characters Lois and Clark. Superman was sort of a side problem that had to be dealt with (albeit creativly) by the writers. At its core it was a romance with a bit of scifi. the paradigm shifted in the third season with the faux wedding. the show became scifi with a bit of romance. Because the core audience that the show had accumulated expected one thing and got another, this turned them off. The ratings slipped, and the execs made poor decisions like changing its time slot and then its day.

    This show was doomed to have so-so ratings and a short life span. Romances expire after the pursuit is settled, and so not only did the paradigm shift contribute to its downfall, but the realization that the 'chase' was over.