Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

ABC (ended 1997)





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  • the show follows clark kent(dean cain)early adult years as superman.


    this show is way before my time(born in 1990)but for some odd reason i like.

    the acting is really good and dean cain has proven he is superman.some may say reeve is superman but for me those movies where to old and when i see movies form that time.i think they look horrible and the acting is awful.sorry reeve(r.i.p) but he didnt do superman for me.far as tom sure tom did some great work on smallville as superman but tom never let go sometimes playing superman.so for me when i came across this show and i saw dean.i watch a couple of eps and i was like dean cain is the only superman.

    i prefer this show to the movies and smallville.just b/c dean played superman so much better.

    the writing in this show is so much more closer to the real story of superrman than smallville.

    the only thing i wish this show had was better special effects like smallville.

    so the acting is good,the writing stays true to the real story of superman,and dean cain sure can play superman like its no one else business.

    the only thing i hate where the special effects didnt look to hot sometimes.

    the show lasted for a good 4 seasons.

    i say give this show a shot:)the acting good,the writing is clever and dean cain plays his ass off as superman.dean cain even wheres the superman suit in the show:)

    dean cain is superman for me.

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