Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season 2

ABC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 5/21/95
    Jace, a blackmailer, with Tempus' diary, finds out about Clark's identity and forces him to steal and do everything more that he wants...and one thing more (by Nigel's suggestion)....to kill Lois, or he kills Martha and Jonathan. Lois tells Clark the only way to save his parents is to freeze her, then she will look like a dead person, and he tells her this can be very dangerous to her life, but, even so, she tells him to freeze her. Superman gives Lois (appearly dead) to Jace and Nigel, then they lock Superman in the same place where his parents are locked in. Jace kills Nigel. After Superman finally saved his parents and himself, Lois still did not open her eyes, then, he begins to beg to her life and she finally opens it, slowly. After Clark realizes he almost lost Lois, he proposes to her.moreless
  • Whine, Whine, Whine
    Episode 21
    Superman saves the life of a musician, but instead of "thank you", the musician wants to sue him because he "broke" his arm. Then, many people of Metropolis begin to fake injuries caused by Superman. After finally giving up her love of Superman, Lois needs to choose the one she is going to be with : Clark Kent or Dan Scardino.moreless
  • 4/16/95
    Intergang, now headed by Bill Church Jr., kidnaps Perry when Franklin Stern refuses to sell the Daily Planet and Superman allows the kidnapping because he's being affected by a strange new substance- "Red Kryptonite". When Clark gets upset with Lois and Scardino's dates, he asks her out again.
  • 4/2/95
    Jimmy becomes a part of a experimental project by two ladies who want to put the people under their control. In the meantime, Lois is frustrated with Clark because of all his strange, unexplained disappearances and begins to date Scardino.
  • Tempus Fugitive
    Episode 18
    Lois and Clark need to travel to 1966 with the help of H.G. Wells and his time machine to prevent a villain from the future who wants to destroy the baby Superman. The villain tells Lois about Clark's most important secret...his secret identity!
  • Resurrection
    Episode 17
    A scientist develops a pill to "ressurrect" some "dead" criminal men in Metropolis. Clark is jealous because a man who is trying to solve Mayson's murder shows interest on Lois, and she thinks he is attractive.
  • Lucky Leon
    Episode 16
    When Jimmy is falsely accused of murder, Lois and Clark need to prove that he is innocent and clear his name. And they finally go on their "real" first date. Everything went well, but when Clark took Lois home, she closed the door in his face... because the date was great and because of her fears about what will happen with their relationship. After they prove Jimmy's innocence, Lois explains to Clark what she felt when she closed the door in his face and recognizes the mistake. When they finally kiss, a shocking and tragic thing happens.moreless
  • 2/26/95
    When the Prankster escapes the prison, he continues with his plans to torment Lois' life, and now he also wants to kidnap the president of the United States.
  • Top Copy
    Episode 14
    When a famous television reporter (and also an assassin from the Intergang) finds out Superman's true identity, she wants to show the information to the world. How will Clark hide the truth from the world now?
  • The Phoenix
    Episode 13
    Lex is back from the dead by the hands of Dr. Gretchen Kelly, and now he wants to get Lois back and destroy Superman. Clark asks Lois out on a date, but, when she accepts, Perry sends them in a stakeout. Then, Lois and Clark call it the "almost first date".moreless
  • The Eyes Have It
    Episode 12
    Two scientists make Superman blind with a beam of light shone into his eyes, now Lois needs to take care of him at her house, while everybody thinks that Clark is in the mountains with Mayson Drake.
  • Chi of Steel
    Episode 11
    Lois and Clark investigate several robberies committed by a thief who is a ninja with mystical bracelets. These bracelets can give power to a person to kill Superman, using a mystical power of "Chi", which is the energy of life.
  • Metallo
    Episode 10
    Lucy Lane is working in Metropolis again, and now she has a new boyfriend named Johnny. He's turned into a cyborg body powered with kryptonite by the hands of two doctors. When Johnny finds out what he really is now, he tries to defeat Superman.
  • Season's Greedings
    Episode 9
    A vengeful toyman creates a toy which can make the adults act like children, and sure, all the Daily Planet gang will be affected too, even Clark.
  • 11/20/94
    When Superman tries to save a man from suicide, lightning strikes both of them. A few minutes later, the man is very strong and can fly...yeah, now he has Superman's powers too. Then he decides to be a superhero, and tries to make money with his "advantages", leaving Superman very mad about this. As soon as Dr. Gretchen Kelly finds out about this, she makes a plan to duplicate the lightning incident and kidnaps Lois to attract Superman.moreless
  • 11/13/94
    Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde return from the dead by the hands of a scientist. They start a crime wave in Metropolis and when one of them shoots Clark, he needs to fake his own death to protect his identity.
  • Operation Blackout
    Episode 6
    Lois and Clark discover a terrorist operation to infiltrate the military Fort Truman and hijack a satellite. Now they are targets of a supposedly dead boyfriend of one of Lois' best school friends.
  • 10/23/94
    The "Intergang", a new criminal organization tries to control south Metropolis and Superman is powerless because of their threats against everyone closest to him. Lois gets jealous when the investigator in charge, Mayson Drake, begins to show interest in Clark.
  • The Prankster
    Episode 4
    Clark needs to protect Lois against a man she sent to jail five years ago. But when the Prankster's pranks aren't all fun and games, can anyone, even Superman, save the day?
  • The Source
    Episode 3
    When Lois refuses to reveal her source of a story accusing the company Viologic of knowingly selling faulty equipment, she is suspended from the Daily Planet. Now, Lois and Clark need to work to find the criminal and restore her good reputation as reporter.
  • Wall of Sound
    Episode 2
    A man, genius in the sound area creates a sound weapon that can affect Metropolis and Superman. Clark is nominated for the Kerth Awards and Lois gets mad because she won this prize three years in a row and now she won't get the prize.
  • Madame Ex
    Episode 1
    Luthor's ex-wife, Arianna, comes to Metropolis and, using plastic surgery on another woman, creates an exact, but evil copy of Lois. The real Lois, with Clark, begins to investigate who's behind this creation. She discovers that Lex was had already been married before he tried to marry her. Arianna attempts to kill Superman, because she believes he is responsible for Lex Luthor's death, as well as Lois.moreless