Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 9

Season's Greedings

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1994 on ABC

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  • In a series of over the top villains, the most over the top of them all!

    So it's a Christmas episode - time to expect some festive storylines and some moral message about the meaning of Christmas. Normally I hate that sort of thing, but this particular one has to go down as my all time favourite Holiday episode of any US TV show that I've seen - and all because of Mr. Schott, our rogue toyman. It's one of the most absurd acting performances I've ever seen - had me in stitches with the sheer energy of it (misplaced, but you can tell he's trying). From the moment he enters with his enormous forehead and bellows "MS. DUFF-AY!" (which he seems to do an awful lot; it's hilarious every time), you know you're in for something special, but the real highlight of the episode is his bout of maniacal laughter in his warehouse full of Atomic Space Rats. "They will pay...and pay...AND PAY!!!!" Had me in stitches.

    I've no idea whether this was supposed to be intentionally hilarious or is there by dint of the producers having a soft spot for comic book over-the-topness, but the effect was a great one. I'm not normally a huge fan of behaviour changing storylines, but I can overlook that. There were some funny scenes intermingled with the cringeworthyness - look out for Perry White as Father Christmas (Santa to you American types).

    So the moral of the story - if you go far enough into the absurd, you come out with laughter. All hail Mr. Schott and his army of Atomic Space Rats!

    Sir Thursday
  • Great Christmas Episode

    This was a great and funny episode. First off i say Dean Cain is good at writing the scripts. He proved it by doing this episode. It is basically a fired toy maker makes a evil toy that makes people greedy. Also all the adults act like kids. The best part in this episode was Lois & Clark fighting like bro and sis. Its funny as hell cause Clark is like Lois is in trouble. Then when he burned her heel off and his mom was yelling at him. Classic and just brilliant. Also Perry dancing on the desk was very funny too. In the end the toy maker did the right thing. I also like the message about christmas being taken over by crappy toys. And how people go insane for shopping. I like the way it ended with Lois & Clark getting closer to each other. This was one of my favorite episodes of season two now. A classic.
  • Christmas time...

    This will be my last Christmas review of the yaer ... well I hope it is. Everyone is going crazy over the new toy which make you greedy because of this special spray inside it. This is all because of the Toy man who got fired because no one liked his toys so he is getting revenge. We get to see a clasic Superman villain Toy man as previously stated. I felt thatthey didn't go the right way eith toy man they should have tried to make him more like he was in the comics. In the Comics you don't even know if he is human or not. Well that was the only drawback in this episode. Later...
  • This is so hilarious!!

    Adults acting like children is such a hilarious concept!!!!Especially Perry dancing on his desk - classic!! And the sibling-like rivalry between Lois and Clark is soooo cute!!! The way they acted like brother and sister is their teasing was so adorable!! And the way Martha responded to Clark burning Lois\' heel was so cute - she was so empowering and treated Clark like such a little kid - classic!!