Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 8

Smart Kids

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1993 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A group of children, who were being given experimental drugs to increase their IQ escape their lab along with the drug, and begin causing problems to Metropolis. Clark is doubly worried by the children, because they tell him that they have figured out that he is Superman.moreless

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  • Superman has to deal with really smart kids!

    It's not one of the best eps in the first season but it's entertaining and the kid that play Amy Valdez is a really good actress taking in account how young she is. It's funny now that I saw the episode again how much she reminds me to Allison Mack (who plays Chloe Sullivan in Smallville), she looks like a younger sister of Allison, her facial perfomance is almost exact to Mack's. It's not an episode too much demanding to Superman but you would find some things entertaining.moreless

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    • Clark: (coming out of Dr. Carlton's office) Look what I found.
      Lois: Mentamide Five? Found?! You mean stole, don't you?
      Clark: Well, I...
      Lois: You took advantage of a privileged interview situation to grab potentially incriminating evidence from an unsuspecting suspect! (grabs him by the lapels) Oh, I love that!

    • Lois: The day I can't outsmart an eleven year old is the day I hang up my press pass!

    • (Clark walks by Lois' desk biting into an apple with a very loud crunch)
      Lois: Could you turn the volume on that Clark? I don't think they heard that in Borneo.

    • Lois: (as the smart kids pass her, walking a pig) Is that a pig?
      Amy: Of course it's a pig. Haven't you ever seen a pig before? (to the other kids) Not very smart, is she?

    • Clark: I bet you were a cute kid.
      Lois: I'm still a cute kid.

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    • Socrates

      Socrates was considered by many to be the wisest man in Athens, though his wisdom mostly lay in the knowledge that there was little which he knew for certain. He did spend his life questioning everything in the attempt to learn the answers, however. And as a side note, he was supposed to be a very ugly man with a pug nose, making the name interestingly appropriate for the highly intelligent pig.