Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 22

The Family Hour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lois and Clark receive a special delivery : a baby cradle sent by Martha. She had decided to send it because of the conversation she had with Lois before (in Toy Story). Meanwhile, Dr. Mensa is released from the prison, and now he has an enlarged brain and the power of mind control, then he kills a guard and an old "friend". Clark arrives at the Daily Planet and tells Lois that they can't have children. After she cries, she decides to ask for help from her father, and they tell him Clark's secret. Another old "friend" of Dr.Mensa's is Misha, Sam's research assistant, but when Misha tells Mensa that he is developing a weapon which will allow him to bend everyone's will to his own, Mensa decides not to kill him. When Mensa leaves Sam and Misha's office, Misha is desperate because he lied about the weapon and tries to find out what Sam is doing, but Sam won't tell him. The adoption counselor tells Lois and Clark that they cannot adopt a child because Lois is always in dangerous situations. Misha forces Sam to tell the truth about his new project, and he ends up telling him that Clark is Superman, then Misha tells Mensa about Clark's secret. Mensa kidnaps Lois and Clark's parents and holds them hostage so Superman can't stop him from robbing the bank. But Misha decides to help Sam, Ellen, Jonathan and Martha, and when Lois confirms that they're fine, Superman goes to capture Mensa. When Mensa thinks that Superman doesn't care about his parents being killed, he takes Misha's unfinished project, but this project erases unhappy memories, which causes Misha, Mensa, Sam and Ellen to forget that Clark is Superman. Later when Lois and Clark are in bed talking about children, Clark hears a noise. Lois and Clark go downstairs and see another special delivery : a child wrapped in a Superman blanket, with a note saying:
"Lois and Clark, this child belongs to you..." When Sam, Ellen, Jonathan, and Martha come downstairs, Clark tells them that he has something to tell them and he and Lois show them their new baby.

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