Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 22

The Family Hour

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 1997 on ABC

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  • Lois and Clark finally grounded.

    I have never writen a bad review before this one is my first. This episode was sadly a final nail in the coffin for the TV show. The fourth and final season wasn't bad but the direction it went with itself didn't really work very well, I felt like something was missing and I was right. For one thing the tention between Lois and Clark felt a bit muddled, that is sometimes the fundamental problem whenever two characters become a couple it's difficult to find more obsticles to keep them apart to continually produce tention, they didn't have nearly enough in this season. But I think the biggest problem of all was there was no revolving plot thoughout the season to give the show a sense of direction, they went with an episodic approch which did work because there was a little more creative freedom and there were some really good episodes produced but like I said not completely because it felt like the show didn't really know what to do with itself and where to go. Something more just should of been done with this show but wasn't.

    And that is the main problem with this final episode which I'm finally going to get down to. The show like most shows with a finale has unfortunately fallen victim to finals fatique syndrome, meaning it just couldn't generate that same energy it had before resulting in mild/poor performance. I can't help but wonder when I watched this episode one question, what were the writers thinking?

    For one thing if this was to be the final episode it should of been bigger. So why couldn't it of been at least two hours long instead of an hour. If your going to end something it should feel epic like watching a big budget movie not another TV episode. The subplot with Lois and Clark trying to have a child I thought was handled poorly in fact it most of the time felt boring even though I did feel sympathy for the possition they were both in. However I think what bugged me about this was one thing both Lois and Clark didn't do enough of what they do best action and adventure, in fact when you look at this episode more closely both of them have little screen time, I mean what is up with that.

    And also plot why could they of came up with something better, the villan as well as the plot in this episode was lame, why couldn't there of been another of Superman's villians that we haven't seen like Brainac or even Doomsday, now there's an idea if they had him in it could of been dramatically sad conclusion if you remember that Death of Superman arc, I know that seems depressing just as that arc was but it would of been great and that's my point this should of been great.

    And that final moment has to be the biggest inconsistance ever, sure it might of given you a good feeling but it felt phony I mean where did that kid come from it makes no sense.

    I'll always remember Lois and Clark for all of it's good times, and not for this uninspired, uncreative conclusion. There are so many better ways to end a saga, this unfortunately is not one of them.
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