Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1995 on ABC

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  • one of the best episodes ever!

    i really loved this one! very romantic and beautifully made! especially i liked the scene when lois tells clark that she has found out what it means never to be able to save everybody in need. well i thought her "ultrawoman"-dress was some kind of ugly and i'm quite happy things were reversed and clark got his strength back ;-) but it was great to see them trading places and lois finding out about the responsibility and sometimes helplessness coming with having superpowers. there were quite some funny and eccentric scenes as well, especially the ones before lois didn't have her powers in control.
  • Trading Places

    This episode is your typical switcharoo story, but it's a lot of fun and emotionally enduring. It's fun seeing how both characters truly experience what it's like to be the other. Clark is having a heck of a time from not just an inablity to do certain things easy but worst of all suffering a classic case of the dulldrums by not knowing what to do in his spare time. Meanwhile Lois is having a grand time playing the superhero role and like all superheroes even has a romantic admirer, Jimmy Olsen (don't worry it's purely platonic.). But then we get to the true heart of the story when Lois begins to discover that despite her superpowers there are limitations, when she comes home and cries about failing to arive on time to stop a flood which kills hundreds of people while helping a troubled airliner land safely. When Clark tell her the reason why she can't arrive on time and what it was like being on his end of the stick, it makes Lois love him more.
    And Clark understand about heroism even though he has no powers doesn't mean he can't stop doing what he does best.
    This is a sweet story that shows that anyone can be a hero with or without powers, but most of all acts as a metaphor for understanding and commitment.
  • The effects of Red Kryptonite once again have produced a very funny and entertaining episode of Lois and Clark.

    This episode was full of laughs. It was very enjoyable. With Clark as weak as an ordinary earthling, and Lois with Kryptonian powers activated by the Yellow Sun, things can get /pretty/ hectic. In the attempts of taking the heat-beam eyes, ability to fly, speed, super hearing, X-RAY vision, and etc away from Superman, the powers transfer to Lois! Lois is now ULTRAWOMAN and everybody in Metropolis is calling her name for help. Clark feels helpless and Lois can't stop to take a break when everyone is needing her across the globe. This was a great episode that I recommend you to watch if you are looking for something special and fun that the whole family will enjoy!
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