Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof (probably deliberate):  The Social Security numbers listed for the Newtrich sisters have letters in them.  Real SSNs only have numbers in them.  Presumably, the producers listed impossible SSNs in order to make sure that they wouldn't accidentally show a legitimate SSN belonging to a real person.

    • According to The Daily Planet's DataNet database, Lucille and Nell's parents, Penelope Anne Newtrich and Louis William Newtrich, are both deceased, and their only family is Eugene "Gene" Newtrich, who is currently serving a 10 year prison term at Metropolis Federal Prison.  Their current addresses are unknown; for both of them, their last known address was 1414 Top Blvd., Metropolis.

      According to DataNet, Lucille Newtrich is 5'10" with blonde hair and blue eyes.  She was born on November 12, 1954, and her Social Security Number is A47-3Y-P468.  She went to Georgia Peach High School, where she was Homecoming Queen from 1970-1972.  She attended the University of Metropolis, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Etiquette.  Her last employer was the First National Bank of Metropolis, 1617 Embezzlement Street, Metropolis; she was fired on November 5, 1994.  In addition to being Homecoming Queen, she was voted "Most Likely to Be Divorced by 30" and "Most Dangerous Woman in Her Class."

      Regarding Cornelia "Nell" Newtrich, according to DataNet, she is 5'6" with brown hair and blue eyes.  She was born on June 27, 1958, and her SSN is C4L-8T-G4K2.  Like her sister, she attended Georgia Peach High School, where she was Computer Club President.  She attended the University of Metropolis, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Masters' degree in Laser Technology.  Her last employer was the Laser Research Division of Unitech, from which she resigned on November 7th, 1994.  She won the "Women's Science Award" and an Honorable Mention from the Absent-Minded Professors, and was voted "Most Likely to Be Smart."

    • Goof: When Lucille is reading the newspaper about Ultrawoman's first appearance, when she helped Superman put out the fire in front of the Daily Planet, you can see that the photo in the newspaper shows her outfit colored blue. This is most likely a printing error, because in reality, Ultrawoman's costume is pink.

    • Goof: At minute 30, when Lois/Ultrawoman and Clark talk in the workshop, and the camera is on Clark, the movement of Lois' jaw doesn't match the words she is heard speaking.

    • When Ultrawoman puts out the fire at the Daily Planet, the shields on the shoulders of her costume are blank, but later they have a U and W on either side. Obviously, after she was christened Ultrawoman Mrs Kent added the detail to her costume.

    • Goofs: When Ultrawoman saves Nell from jumping off the building you can see part of the platform when they are descending. Later, when Clark is kidnapped and tied to a chair, as the chair falls backwards, you can see his hands free in the air, then as he is running away his hands are tied up again.

    • Lois and Clark get engaged in this episode.

    • Goof: When Lois reads the messages on the flowers, Clark finds one from Antonio Banderas, crunches it up throws it on the table, Lois picks it up from the floor.

    • Nitpick: Since it is explained that Superman's body has an "aura" of invincibility around it, shouldn't this also apply to Lois as Ultrawoman? Therefore, her shoes should have been within her aura during the truck stopping and not been damaged. Though it is possible that the aura isn't strong enough to extend to the heels since the aura extends only a few millimeters beyond her skin.

    • Goofs: When Superman gets the tarp to snuff out the fire in front of the Daily Planet as he walks towards it the cape has no "S" on the back. Also, when Ultrawoman saves the sister from jumping off the building as she brings her down you can clearly see the platform which the actresses are standing on as they descend.

    • Nitpick: Why are the flowers adressed to Ultra Woman sent to The Daily Planet, and placed near Lois' desk? After all, she has nothing to do with Ultra Woman, as far as anyone knows.

  • Quotes

    • Ultra-Lucille: Did you like the way the bullets bounced off my chest?
      Nell: Oh yes, watching you get shot was a real pleasure.

    • Lucille: (when Nell says she wants to get Ultrawoman's powers for herself) Nell, in a partnership there's a symbiosis. In ours it's (indicates herself) inspiration, (points to Nell) execution. My dreams become reality because of you. That's your gift, it always has been.
      Nell: Lucille...
      Lucille: Uh, uh, uh! Ultra-Lucille, angel, Ultra-Lucille.

    • Lois: (wearing her Ultrawoman outfit) It's Perry and Jimmy. They're going to know me!
      Clark: No they won't.
      Lois: How blind do you think people are?!

    • Lois: (referring to Clark's Superman suit)You don't like just wearing your boxers?
      Clark: Boxers? I wear briefs.
      Lois: I know.
      Clark: Lois, did you x-ray my...?!

    • Nell: (referring to killing Clark) If he doesn't yell for help, we're not really gonna- Aw, c'mon!
      Lucille: It's up to him, which any Buddhist will assure you slides this whole thing out of murder and into suicide, keeping us karmically covered.

    • Ultra-Lucille: I see fear in your eyes.
      Ultrawoman/Lois: That's just... extreme modesty.

    • Lucille: Idiot! Moron! Cretin!
      Nell: I burnt my hand!
      Lucille: Hypochondriac!

    • Lois: Will you marry me?
      Clark: Who's asking, Lois... or Ultra Woman?
      Lois: Who's answering, Clark... or Superman?
      Clark: I'm answering.
      Lois: I'm waiting.
      Clark: Yes.

    • Clark: I admit... I do miss the cape and the 'S', and this whole bleeding thing is no fun.

    • Clark: But you don't want the world knowing it's Lois Lane stopping trucks. So...
      Lois: Does it mean I have to wear glasses?

    • (after stopping a truck)
      Lois : Ah, these shoes cost $75... Does the superhero's union cover expenses?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Giordano and Adams"

      The names of these streets are named for Dick Giordano and Neal Adams two of DC's biggest artists known largely for Batman.

    • Nell: I'm telling you, he has all the super powers of Batman!

      The caped crusader Batman is known for his fancy, technically advanced gadgets, but he is a normal (if highly trained and skilled) man under his suit.