Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 19

Voice From The Past (3)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Lois and Clark are investigating Leslie Luckabee and Lex Luthor Jr.'s past, while Leslie Luckabee and The Man in the Sewer are plotting to make Superman a Luthor Corp employee and force Lois to marry Leslie. The villains detonate a bomb in a Luthor Corp building and Superman finds the trigger that a signal was sent to. He gives it to Dr. Klein to work on, while Superman continues to be tested for his ability to have children.

The Man in the Sewer reveals that he is the real Lex Luthor Jr. and Leslie has merely been hired as an actor. Leslie doesn't want to be ordered around and threats between the two villains escalate the tension. Leslie tells Lois that he is really Lex Luthor Jr. and he later announces it at a press conference.

Lex Luthor Jr. uses an electronic device to see and hear everything that Lois does, as well as speak into her mind and inflict pain on her. When Leslie strays from the script that Lex set up for him, Lex uses the device to manipulate Lois into leaving Clark and running away with him. Leslie and Lex face off over Lois and control of their ultimate plan, and Lex wins by shooting Leslie.

Dr. Klein and his girlfriend tell Superman where the bomb signal was sent from and Superman finds Lois there as Lex's prisoner. They face off and Lex tells Superman that a bomb will detonate unless he becomes a Luthor Corp employee and lets Lois marry him. Instead of giving in, Superman freezes Lois and Lex believes that she is dead, so he scrambles to detonate the bomb, but Leslie appears and stops him. Superman whisks Lois out of there and Leslie detonates the bomb. Superman repairs the Daily Planet's structural damage and then revives Lois.