Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 17



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Clark and the clone become friends, and she doesn't want to kill the real Lois anymore. Meanwhile, Lex plans to transfer Lois' and his souls into new bodies so that he can go away with her to the mountains, where they can't be found by the police or Superman. He also wants to destroy Superman if possible, and when he finds the clone, she ends up telling him that Clark is Superman. Lex kidnaps Martha and tells Lois to shoot Superman with a powerful weapon that he bought, but when she can't, Lex tries, but he and the clone end up dying instead. During the rescue, Lois hits her head again- now she knows she's Lois Lane, but doesn't know anything or anyone else, including Clark.moreless
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characters with double lives, ruthless businessman, epic adventure, unrequited love, relationship woes