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Loiter Squad

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Loiter Squad is the Adult Swim life-action comedy series where the network hands over a camera to Tyler, The Creator and his Odd Future buddies for some crazy hijinks. Dickhouse Productions revisits the Jackass formula with this crew of young skateboarding rap loving hams. Join Tyler, Jasper Dolphin, Taco Bennett, and Lionel Boyce for skits and surprises.

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    One of the Craziest Interviews We've Ever Done: Tyler, the Creator on Adult Swim's Loiter Squad

    These young millionaires don't care if you like them, but you probably will.

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    • C'mon, there's a lot of worse shows

      Its pretty decent. It's meant to be silly/awkward/bizarre/odd like many Adult Swim shows. Didn't know it was sketch physical comedy variety til I saw it. Pretty decent. There should be sketch comedies.

      2 random ep (2015) Adult Swim
    • I love the double standards....

      Bunch of white dudes get together on national TV, Act like idiots (Jackass) - "WE LOVE IT, THEY ARE JUST HAVING FUN!"

      Bunch of Black dudes get together on national TV, Act like idiots - "This is terrible, boo hoo black people are on my TV, terrible show!"

      The only thing dumber than Jackass and Loiter Squad are the droves of moronic people who put their hypocrisy on full display. Not saying the show is great, but the reactions I've seen from (certain) people are fucking timeless. Predictable.moreless
    • Terrible show, just terrible

      I have watched some stupid shows before but this takes the cake. It has to be the worst show on tv right now. I don't even what to justify writing anymore about this stupid show.
    • horrible show

      as much as i love memes this show is just a tragedy. IDK how this show got on adult swim but i can say even with its low production cost this show isnt worth wasting air time on. For trying to mix shows as they said and being done by Dick house productions i expected more. But they dont know how to do the skits and they are just fail plays on memes. Stick to music drop the show sorry.moreless
    • I LOVE IT !

      This show is so funny. You people who say it isn't that's fine . It's your opinion , but to say it sucks? And it's just ignorant black people. Yall need to calm the hell down. This show is basically about Odd Future a rap group going around doing random crazy hilarious things , things you would never have thought of . There is a lot of cussing yeah its adult swim but it's funny Af! And the show is not racist? What the fuck. How they racist to white people? & there being typical black people? No! These guys dont act black they act white how. 90% of there fans are white. Smh & how they gunna be racist when 80% of there producers and camera guys are white. If you don't know it don't even bother writing it. Your embarrassing yourself Lol , my favorite is YOOOOOOUNNNNG NEEEGGGAA! OMG SO DEADmoreless
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