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  • THIS SHow is great

    Yall people giving it bad reviews are prolly white, but this show is funny yall just mad lmfao
  • This is seriously one of the worst shows in the history of tv...

    First off, it has nothing to do with the fact that the cast is black like one of the idiots stated below. Comparing it to Jackass is ridiculous. I don't even think Jackass was all that great of a show either but at least those guys were original, creative, and somewhat amusing. They were pretty much the first show of its kind and the stunts were pretty crazy so based on that alone, Jackass was light years beyond Loiter Squad.

    That being said, I actually wanted to like Loiter Squad. I went into it thinking "ok this show is gonna be funny" as some of the previews looked great. However I was sadly mistaken. This is seriously the worst show I've ever seen. Definitely in the top 5 worst of all time. Fucking garbage. Let's be honest they were given a tv show based on Tyler The Creators success as a rapper and it's pretty obvious they were trying to capitalize off that from the gate. These dudes aren't funny, period. And not because they're black either... Which I have to say, pulling the race card on a review for a TV show is pathetic. I'm sick of everyone crying victim whenever race is involved. Regardless of what race it is...

    In conclusion this show sucks, I would have given it negative stars if that was an option. What a waste of money, time, energy, and so on. At least Tyler The Creator can add "Horrible Comedian" to his rsum, right under "Terrible Rapper".

    In the words of Immortal Technique, "Talk to 'em honestly, and they call you a hater".

  • Imagine if Seth MacFarlane brings this show back to life.

    It will be epic if family Guy and Loiter Squad work together on season 15 along with Angie Tribeca and Bobobo-bo-bobobo.
  • C'mon, there's a lot of worse shows

    Its pretty decent. It's meant to be silly/awkward/bizarre/odd like many Adult Swim shows. Didn't know it was sketch physical comedy variety til I saw it. Pretty decent. There should be sketch comedies.

    2 random ep (2015) Adult Swim
  • I love the double standards....

    Bunch of white dudes get together on national TV, Act like idiots (Jackass) - "WE LOVE IT, THEY ARE JUST HAVING FUN!"

    Bunch of Black dudes get together on national TV, Act like idiots - "This is terrible, boo hoo black people are on my TV, terrible show!"

    The only thing dumber than Jackass and Loiter Squad are the droves of moronic people who put their hypocrisy on full display. Not saying the show is great, but the reactions I've seen from (certain) people are fucking timeless. Predictable.
  • Terrible show, just terrible

    I have watched some stupid shows before but this takes the cake. It has to be the worst show on tv right now. I don't even what to justify writing anymore about this stupid show.
  • horrible show

    as much as i love memes this show is just a tragedy. IDK how this show got on adult swim but i can say even with its low production cost this show isnt worth wasting air time on. For trying to mix shows as they said and being done by Dick house productions i expected more. But they dont know how to do the skits and they are just fail plays on memes. Stick to music drop the show sorry.
  • I LOVE IT !

    This show is so funny. You people who say it isn't that's fine . It's your opinion , but to say it sucks? And it's just ignorant black people. Yall need to calm the hell down. This show is basically about Odd Future a rap group going around doing random crazy hilarious things , things you would never have thought of . There is a lot of cussing yeah its adult swim but it's funny Af! And the show is not racist? What the fuck. How they racist to white people? & there being typical black people? No! These guys dont act black they act white how. 90% of there fans are white. Smh & how they gunna be racist when 80% of there producers and camera guys are white. If you don't know it don't even bother writing it. Your embarrassing yourself Lol , my favorite is YOOOOOOUNNNNG NEEEGGGAA! OMG SO DEAD
  • best show ever

    the show is soooo funny
  • Worst show I've ever seen in my life.

    Straight up, it's supposed to basically be "like" Chappelle Show and Jackass... I don't see any resemblance. It's a bunch of dumb ass kids who think they are funny and can't act worth a dime for their own careers. I have nothing more to say, I know Adult Swim has some smut but this is just HORRIBLE because of the anticipation of something good. As people have said before, Tyler, stick with music at least you were good at it.
  • Hope they try that crap in my neighborhood

    Am I racist? Not till I watched an episode of this AS miscarriage. Just giving back what they brought to the table. Bring that crap around me and my family while were out at the beach or at the gym. i'll spend a few nights in jail for beating there N!gger asses. If they can trash white americans they best be prepared to get trash thrown back. Yep I said it. To bad you can't rate this crappy ass show negative 100 . I'd rather beat a dead horse or litter train my dog to cover up his shit. And for all you punk ass people who actually like this shit make some money by taking dickhouse and loiter and stuffing them both up your ass then ride your unicycle across country while juggling lit sticks of dynamite! Now that'd be tv worth turning too. Hate all you want but nobody said the truth doesn't hurt!!
  • Just Great

    this show is great i love watching it
  • who gave the greenlight on this?

    This show is like a really f'ing bad Tom Green meets lame Jackass copycat. I feel like I'm watching a bunch of high school tools who like to laugh at their own material. Whoever "green lit" this over at Comedy Central has no idea what funny probably thinks Dane Cook is hilarious too.
  • Just Like The Incredible Crew But for Adults

    And just like that show, this show sucks too!
  • Disgrace to our society!

    Cartoon Network must be desperate for fillers. Why don't they just play the Cleveland show. I love that show! It's a bit more respectful too. I wouldn't want my kids ever to see the loiter squad it's a terrible show! BET wouldn't even take their show. It's a group of mindless perverts and racists trying to be funny. Please cancel it!
  • NWORD This NWORD That? Fuck!

    I too can't stand this show. It uses racial slurs against our community (Black and White). Come on [AS] you should know better than to air this trash!
  • Horrible and disgraceful

    Lets see waving guns around on tv making people who own guns look bad. Ummm complete stupidity, making fun of people whom are less fortunate in society... and many many other things. just utterly horrible
  • What a waste of money

    Why doesn't adult swim save money and just hire a high school a/v class, I am sure the skits and the quality would beat anything these talentless hacks could come up with
  • loiter squad

    Good show
  • Not funny

    This show is races, Iv'e seen quite a few episodes were they make fun of white people. For a show

    on adult swim it is rude enough to be canceled. I don't know what else to say.
  • lay off

    lay off of this show it is pretty funny and if you don't like it the DONT watch it
  • By the gods of Olympus

    Now by all means everyone has their own view of a show after seeing a couple episodes. Some like a show, some don't. This show however is just horrendously bad. I've already watched 3 episodes and was able to keep a straight face through all 45 minutes of the total times of the episodes. When I had heard that this show was being made by the same company as Jackass, I figured "Okay, maybe it will be as good as Jackass." By all that is on Olympus, was I wrong, the first episode, the minute I heard the theme song 'i like cheese' made my brain hurt to the point I had to go and take some tylenol. The skits were horrendous. One skit was the "No armed Dentist." Seriously what person outside the dwindling completely neanderthalic tribe that is the fans of the show would find a skit where somebody tried to put their disgusting feet near somebody's mouth would find that funny. Plus "Taco"'s little skit of dressing up as a baby to get a new home was just plain moronic, any sane person would think 'Okay that grown man is dressed as a baby. Is this some kind of odd exhibitionist fetish?' One skit that truly made me want to go down to the Adult Swim headquarters and smack a couple dozen bitches was the Emotional Patrick skit of the first episode, that was a disgrace and a horrible fuck you to all those that actually have depression, not everyone gets depressed because your phone bill isn't paid or some stupid drama filled teen show was cancelled, some people get depressed for actual reasons like somebody dying, Loiter squad is nothing but a failed attempt at an all black cast of Jackass. I'm not racist and anybody that claims me to be should be taken to the desert and shot in the head. This show must be cancelled before we all are reduced to slobbering idiots banging a can against a rock to get it open.



    P.S. this is not saying I'm a damn Klan member. I hunt ghosts,
  • This Awful Show Deserves to be Cancelled.

    As a fan of Adult Swim, I have been watching it for years now. It has been the best part of Cartoon Network and will probably always will be. However, during it's more recent times, shows such as Eagle Heart and Children's Hospital or even The Eric Andre Show have been draining my hopes of a better Adult Swim. This show merely adds on to that ever growing list. This show is full of skits which are not hilarious even in the slightest. They are filled with tasteless and rather offensive jokes towards any and all communities who are not black. I am not a racist mind you, but this show is a bunch of useless nonsense all thrown in together with random plots and rather annoying dialect as well as many "gangster" language and an apparent tossing around of the N word. As many have said before me, it is like an extremely horrid rip-off of Jackass but with no class and no style. This show deserves to be cancelled instead of wasting my precious time as well as the time that Adult Swim could be using to bring back any and all other shows or anime that has long since stopped airing on tv. I have yet to laugh from a single moment the show starts until the moment it ends. The show failed to live up to it's own expectations as well as the expectations of it's viewers. Honestly, if I wanted to watch black guys cover themselves in cheese, I would go find a weird porn fetish site and go to town. If I could rate this show lower than a 1.0, I would do so in a heartbeat and never ever recommend someone to waste their time with this garbage.
  • Very Dissapointing

    I have a confession to make.This is coming from a big Odd Future supporter. I am a fan of your music since late 2010. This the time when Earl Sweatshirt(rapper) was sent to Samoa for rehab. Then you guys really blew up when Tyler the Creator released first single Yonkers for his second album (Goblin). The show on the other hand sucks.I was excited when Adult Swim annouced that the group was going be on tv.They said the show's concet was based on Jackass and The Chapelle Show mixed together. Hell Loiter Squad have the same tv production company(Dickhouse) like Jackass. The show itself failed to live up the expectations. The skits just plain suck.
  • Cacle this show for the love of God!

    no one in their right mind would rate this show a 10

    if they do they arent a normal viewer of the show and most likely being paid to rate it a 10

    if it was possible i would rate this show a -10

    this show is awful

    Cancle it!
  • A ton of suck

    First off, this show is stupid. It doesn't matter if the cast is black or white. Asking a guy if he's ever had the runs isn't funny.

    Making a 'black Jackass' was a bad idea. Jackass has a chemistry that is impossible to reproduce. People might be afraid to hate this show for fear of being called 'racist' but I don't care. It's a bad show, it's a bad idea, it has bad writing.
  • awosme show i love it<3

    Dude if ur not racist dont watch the dam show its funny Only if 1st: if u are racist at moments

    2nd:people being more dum then jackass
  • Worst Variety/Prank Comedy show ever

    I'd seriously question the intelligence of anyone who found this shit to be a funny tv show. Maybe I'm too much of an intellectual to like this show. It's like Tyler Perry decided to make his own version of Jackass. Absolute Coonery!
  • loiter squad

    get rid of this show
  • I just saw this show, and i love it.

    It's like a black, slightly more offensive, jackass!