Loiter Squad

Adult Swim (ended 2014)


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  • This Awful Show Deserves to be Cancelled.

    As a fan of Adult Swim, I have been watching it for years now. It has been the best part of Cartoon Network and will probably always will be. However, during it's more recent times, shows such as Eagle Heart and Children's Hospital or even The Eric Andre Show have been draining my hopes of a better Adult Swim. This show merely adds on to that ever growing list. This show is full of skits which are not hilarious even in the slightest. They are filled with tasteless and rather offensive jokes towards any and all communities who are not black. I am not a racist mind you, but this show is a bunch of useless nonsense all thrown in together with random plots and rather annoying dialect as well as many "gangster" language and an apparent tossing around of the N word. As many have said before me, it is like an extremely horrid rip-off of Jackass but with no class and no style. This show deserves to be cancelled instead of wasting my precious time as well as the time that Adult Swim could be using to bring back any and all other shows or anime that has long since stopped airing on tv. I have yet to laugh from a single moment the show starts until the moment it ends. The show failed to live up to it's own expectations as well as the expectations of it's viewers. Honestly, if I wanted to watch black guys cover themselves in cheese, I would go find a weird porn fetish site and go to town. If I could rate this show lower than a 1.0, I would do so in a heartbeat and never ever recommend someone to waste their time with this garbage.