Lola & Virginia

Nickelodeon Premiered Mar 14, 2006 Between Seasons


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Lola & Virginia

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This is a show about Lola, a dark-haired, intelligent 11-year-old girl from a working class family who wears glasses. She helps her parents out by looking after her snotty younger brothers and wearing cheap clothes. When Virginia, a blonde, stuck-up rich girl moves to town, Lola's perspective on her life takes a turn for the worse.
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  • Lola & Virginia Is Way Better Than Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners!

    i Saw It on Youtube!


    It's Awesome!

    Lola Is Just Normal Girl.

    and Virginia Is Just Evil Girl.

    This Show Is Great To Me!

    It's Way Better Than Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig

    But Lola & Virginia Was on Nickelodeon!

  • itss okayy.

    I watched this show while i was in the Philippines for a month. I thought it was pretty funny at some parts. There aren't a lot of cartoons in America that get me laughing or hooked, but this show was pretty good. The plot is pretty typical. A girl that is snobby tries to get her school to think she is "god-like" (Virginia) and the other girl (Lola) tries to stop her. Lola isn't popular, but she has lots of friends that have her back. Too bad this show isn't in America, because it probably would do good, but not great. In the US, we don't have a lot of cartoons anymore. Its more populated with reality and competition shows.moreless
  • This is the 2nd worst cartoon I've ever seen! (Biggy is the worst one of them all, although it's just a short cartoon)

    Girl fights? Puhhlease! That's such a rip-off! My sister watched it a few months ago (no reason, no fun, she just watched it) because it replaced the Kappa Mikey timeslot! This is the reason I hate this show sooooo much, it replaced Kappa Mikey, and now he's goooonnne (sob)! The story is just terrible! The graphics and drawing style is just pathetic! Look! Is Lola even wearing something for her bottom?! Lola's crush isn't even handsome! That school bully -like baldy looks dumb and stupid, Virginia sucks a lot, she's not pretty (you think your freckles make you cute! Never!), she's snobby, she's such a d-bag, and most importantly I hate her when she speaks! Sigh... (relax...) Time for the the theme song, it's not catchy at all... it's terrible, like they think techno is the new hip music for our generation! Voice acting is truly and completely horrible (I just said that to Virginia, her voice sucks)! All in all, I give this a 1 out of 10! That 1 is for its fans, and I'm not one of them, neither does my sister!moreless
  • Bad show

    This has got to be the second most worst show on nick! (first is Mr. Meaty) The Animation style is very lame I hate it, Voice acting is bad, it's like regular people talking (not professionals) Even The characters are badly drawn, I guess what I dislike about this show the most is the Animation style it's just weird and unexplainable! it can be unrealistic at most times, I watch a couple of episodes and it's really lame. argh, it's not even funny! but then again it was never funny! I don't think this show will last so I'll be changing the channel when it's on nick.moreless

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