Lola & Virginia

Nickelodeon Premiered Mar 14, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Mayhem in the Snow
      Mayhem in the Snow
      Episode 2335662
      Virginia gets special treatment while skiing, but Lola will show her.
    • Incognito
      Episode 2335661
      Lola must keep the new boy's identity a secret.
    • The Haunted House
      The Haunted House
      Episode 2335660
      Virginia will do whatever it takes to get Lolas precious dolls!
    • Onion Trick
      Onion Trick
      Episode 2335659
      Lola has a crush on Charlie, but Virginia says she likes him too!
    • Beauty Treatment
      Beauty Treatment
      Episode 2335658
      In order to buy a gift for Haide, Lola wants to become a model.
    • T-Rex Virginia
      T-Rex Virginia
      Episode 2335655
      Virginia sets up her own prehistoric discovery.
    • Good Food and Rock n Roll
      Good Food and Rock n Roll
      Episode 2335654
      Gaston the music teacher and cook's job is in jeopordy when Virginia doesn't like the food.
    • Dream Team
      Dream Team
      Episode 2335653
      Lola and Virginia have been put on the same team for the school rally. Will they fight or will they learn to get along?
    • Unhappy Birthday
      Unhappy Birthday
      Episode 2335652
      Lola and Virginia's birthdays are on the same day? Who will have the most guests?
    • Fashion Lola
      Fashion Lola
      Episode 2335651
      Can Lola get the entire town to wear the t-shirts she designed?
    • Problem Pets
      Problem Pets
      Episode 2335649
      Lola has to hide all of her rescued pets at school.
    • Perfect Friendship
      Perfect Friendship
      Episode 2335646
      Lola and Viriginia make a pact: for one week they will be best friends.
    • Moped for Two
      Moped for Two
      Episode 2335645
      Lola and Virginia compete for a moped in a cereal contest.
    • Secret Club
      Secret Club
      Episode 2335644
      Lola and her friend has a tin filled with their secrets, but when Virginia gets her hands on it a downward spiral of events happen.
    • A Shoulder to Cry On
      A Shoulder to Cry On
      Episode 2335643
      Lola falls in love with David, but he has feelings for Virginia.
    • Hugo in Love
      Hugo in Love
      Episode 2335640
      Hugo falls head over heels for Virginia.
    • Blackmail
      Episode 2335638
      Viriginia is hysterical because she has to work!
    • 30 Minutes Flat
      30 Minutes Flat
      Episode 2335637
      Viriginia is hysterical because she has to work!
    • On The Sidelines
      On The Sidelines
      Episode 2335635
      Lola is the basketball team captain, but after success, Virginia wants to be the captain.
    • Love Soap
      Love Soap
      Episode 2335633
      Virginia tries out a soap that works like a love potion on Charlie.
    • Fan Club
      Fan Club
      Episode 2335632
      Lola is the president of a singer's fan club, but Virginia tries to steal Lola's title.
    • Carnival
      Episode 2335631
      Virginia wants to be center stage at this years parade.
    • Olympic Torch
      Olympic Torch
      Episode 2335629
      The city's school Olympics are held at San Lorenzo.
    • Teacher's Pet
      Teacher's Pet
      Episode 2335628
      Lola is hired to house sit for the teacher.
    • Frog Party
      Frog Party
      Episode 2335627
      Lola tries to save a frog from Virginia.
    • Frozen Heart
      Frozen Heart
      Episode 2335626
      Lola needs to return a bracelet to Charly before Virginia tries to steal it from her.
    • Oh No! Not Her!
      Oh No! Not Her!
      Episode 14
      Lola found an exchange mate named Chachita. At first, Lola liked her but then, she doesn't. Lola must find a way to stop Chachita from being mean. Eventually, Chachita left. But they were still happy.
    • I Survived 100 Days At San Lorenzo
      It's been 100 days since Virginia moved to San Lorenzo and thus she wrote a book called "100 Days In Lorenzo" which bad mouths every person Virginia hates and it also bad mouths Lola's neighborhood, so Lola and her friends must do anything to convince the media that virginia lied.
    • Lola and Virginia's Spooky Halloween Horror
      Lola and Virginia's Spooky Halloween Horror: Lola and her friends are going to go trick or treating on halloween but it's not gonna be so easy for them, because Virginia is going to scare the swipes out of them by disguising as The Headless Skater, problem is that the real Headless Skater is also loose in town, and it hates imitators!moreless
    • Roller Coaster
      Roller Coaster
      Episode 3
      Lola and her friends Poppy and Heidi save $30 to enter the new Galactica theme park but it turns out that to spoil their fun because Virginia bought all the tickets for the class, but none for Lola and her friends.
    • Bye, Bye Dolly/Planet Girl
      Bye, Bye Doll:Virginia convinces Susie to dump an old doll of hers and later Virginia steals the doll but then Susie changes her mind and asks Lola to find her doll.

      Planet Girl:Virginia fries the Planet Girl's hair so she can become the new Planet Girl but Lola wants to become Planet Girl too so Prof. Rinker organises a competition to find which of them will be the new Planet Girl.moreless
    • The New Girl In Town
      The New Girl In Town: Lola finally gets a great day at school but then Virginia arrives a new blonde, rich girl in school who quickly be-friends Beatrice a mean girl. Lola makes Virginia look bad when she makes her look stupid in front of the class so Virginia frames Lola for stealing a reference book in the library to get Lola expelled.moreless