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  • Season 1
    • 12/12/12
      When two lesbian super users of the site get engaged online, Will steps up and plays wedding planner, dragging the rest of the staffers along for the ride for the cat-themed extravaganza. With last minute preparations and the day of ceremony jitters, love blooms for the couple and unexpectedly, Forest and Sarah do what comes naturally amidst the romance of the night.moreless
    • 12/5/12
      When Will's beloved cat Winston is diagnosed with a medical problem that will require an expensive hip replacement, the entire staff all pitches in to create a live streaming online fundraiser. Paul, a lifelong fan of telethons, lives out a dream as the host of the show that stars everyone from ornery Chihuahuas to horny musicians and amazing magicians, plus a LOL-speaking Hamlet just for good measure.moreless
    • 11/28/12
      Ben puts the creative staff to work learning "the other half of the business" as they try their hands selling ads and interacting with the larger Cheezburger community in person. From animal spas to animal rescue, the staff dives headfirst into everything Cheezburger as they explore the business from the inside out.moreless
    • Cheez Olympics
      Episode 3
      To help build team spirit, Ben has the staff compete in the Cheez Olympics with events ranging from cat food can shuffleboard to milk lapping, to kitty litter relays and bobbing for fishies. With unavoidable dust ups along the way, in the end camaraderie and some good stories for the water cooler are the order of the day.moreless
    • Career Day
      Episode 2
      The Cheezburger gang prep for a student invasion after Chief Revenue Officer Todd volunteers them to lead a career day for 12 to 14year-olds. As the kids arrive, it becomes clear just how awkward it can get when a group of Internet professionals known for their poor social skills collide with a bunch of teens known for... their poor social skills.moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      In the premiere episode, the staff at Cheezburger competes to create a new comedic web series for the site. It is winner-take-all as good judgment and occasional good taste go out the window on the quest to be the best in kitty humor.