London Hospital

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  • a look back in history

    I wish there were more episodes . The show was a look back in history.
  • Incredible hospital drama

    As a nurse, I loved the authenticity of the shows, but the total humanizing of the characters. it was riveting. I can hardly wait for Season 3!!!!

    laine from Maine
  • I want more

    Are they still making this show. I love it.
  • Thank God for Netflix

    The London Was an excellent if short series. Please do more episodes. American's are starved for good television and I have found so much on Netflix. Wonderful writing and acting.
  • Historical Nursing

    I must chime in with the others. I stumbled on this wonderful program On Hulu really enjoyed watching the whole series. I also wish there was more than just two seasons. As a fellow nurse, I enjoy seeing how far we have come in our profession. Another positive aspect of this show is it shows nurses in such a positive light (professional, educated and valued).
  • Want more!!

    I absolutely love this show and am very sorry to see it only ran 2 seasons. Will there be more? I live in America but I enjoy BBC shows very much, lee them coming and bring more London Hospital.
  • Least we forget the past is our future.

    This is a great historical show all nurses should watch. It also closely parallels the immigrant movement, the Hull House movement and experiences our family went through on it's trip through immigration and medicine and becoming nurses and medical professionals in the US. These are lessons some groups of society are sadly trying to forget today. It was hard not to watch and weep because it was our experience, our history. I wish there was more.
  • Where is Season 3????

    Loved this series!!!! But it ended without any closure. Why?? Why isn't there a season 3?? Again, another terrific, well-acted, splendidly produced quality program that no real ending nor viable reason given. A very big mistake!!!! You Brits are getting a rep. for producing great programs that YOU end with no consideration of the audience.... NOT good. And NOT good business......
  • So Proud!!!!

    I just by chance found London Hospital on cable tv here in Brazil, I am an ex-pat and just love the series. We as Brits, truly have to be proud of the work these people did for the medical profession in those days, which were hard and full of suffering. I hope I can get to see more. Congratulations for showing us what it was like in those days, it truly has to make us more appreciative of today.

  • Absolutely Brilliant!!!

    Love it, love it, love it. It's so real, gruesome, and absolutely wonderful. I would LOVE to see more. Keep up the good work, if possible.

    A lovely American (who enjoys good BBC programming),

  • I wish there was more!!

    I just discovered London Hospital and I'm dismayed to discover that there is only 2 short seasons worth. I found the series fascinating and informative. I wish this series had continued because it is by far one of the best shows out there.