London's Burning

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1988 on ITV

Episode Recap

Blackwall hosts an open day to a group of children. At the event, Sicknote dresses as a banana and Malcolm dresses as Welephant!

Two men - Bobby and Garry, break into an office at a milk depot. Garry pulls a gun on an accountant and tells him, he wants money.

Outside, Garry' pregnant sister Amanda is sitting in the car. However, two police officers start to sniff around and she quickly leaves the vehicle as it isn't taxed.

All of the money had been collected over an hour ago, so they only got £28!

Malcolm dressed as Welephant, talks to a group of boy's about fire safety and one of them asks what he has to do if he needs to go to the loo!

Bobby, Garry and Amanda are chased by the police and they run into the station yard. Garry pulls out his gun and Amanda reveals she also has a gun, which Bobby takes hold of.

Nancy quickly runs up the stairs to Tate who goes out onto the balcony along with the other wives. Bobby tells them all that he wants them all downstairs and inside the station.

The Watch, woman and children are all sent through to the pool room and the children go through to the TV room. Bobby orders Tate to close the doors. Tate thinks the women and children should be able to go, but Bobby won't let anyone go.

Armed police surround the station and Amanda begins to panic. Senior Brigade Officers and Police also stand around outside. They know who the captors are.

The phone rings in the Watch Room and Tate is sent to answer it. They ask to talk to Bobby, who hangs up and is shocked that they know who he is.

Kevin and Charisma come up with the idea of sneeking the kids out through the window, but Tate thinks that it is too risky.

Amanda reveals to Bobby that the gun isn't loaded, but Garry's shotgun is.

The phone rings again and Garry answers it, but doesn't say a word. The payphone then rings and Bobby answers. It is Gerry, he wants to speak to Josie. Gerry tells Josie that he has heard what is happening and asks whether she is ok. She tells him she is fine and also points out that there is nothing he can do, when he reveals that he is going down there.

It is discovered that one of the kids has nicked an EVAC. He is adament that he only took it to show one of his mates. Tate then uses the EVAC to contact the police. A senior police officer informs Tate that the phone in the Watch Room has been set up as a direct link.

Bobby decides to let the kids go and with persuasion, he also lets the women go. Josie, however, refuses to go as she is part of the Watch and Nancy also doesn't want to go, but Tate makes her go.

Outside, Nancy suggests that all of the wives go into the pub and they are later joined by Gerry.

The Watch move upstairs to the mess, where Bobby demands a car over the phone and as armed police move in around the back, the Watch are moved up to the third floor. They all go into an office where George finds a BCF and connects it to a trigger mechanism, which is located inside a drawer.

As Amanda walks into the office, Sicknote fakely doubles over in pain and Amanda is sprayed with the extinguisher. Vaseline retrieves the gun, as Garry enters the room. Garry points the shotgun at Vaseline who fires gun, only to realise it doesn't work, as Garry fires the shotgun!

No one is hurt and Garry quickly flees and is found by Tate in the dorm. Tate tells him that it is over and suggests that he hands him the gun voluntarily.

As the Watch are freed, they are all joined by their partners. Josie tells Gerry that she appreciates him being there, but there is no chance of a future.