London's Burning

ITV (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 14
    • Series 14 Episode 8
      An old Russian satellite is heading towards the Earth having lost its orbit. Blue Watch is on alert in case it hits London. Sally and Shauna discover they are both pregnant. Adam gets into trouble with Jimmy Watts and DI Roebuck.
    • Series 14 Episode 7
      Mooney takes part in a boxing match between Blue Watch and the Metropolitan Police. An old enemy of George's reappears on the scene trying to cause trouble. DI Roebuck returns attempting to find out who set his car on fire.
    • Series 14 Episode 6
      A day trip to Southend for Blue Watch stirs up the emotions of the relief who also try to save a beached whale.
    • Series 14 Episode 5
      The pressure mounts for Mick as the inquiry into Recall's death looms. Life at home is equally testing as a fire rages through his home threatening Shauna and Liam. Sally changes her mind regarding her statement to the inquiry, following an argument with Mick.
    • Series 14 Episode 4
      Mooney continues his power games with members of the relief. Charlie's attempts to buy some cheap fish backfires and Craig is keen to impress at a shout.
    • Series 14 Episode 3
      New recruit Craig Ross joins the relief. Mick decides between Sally and Shauna. Sally makes a move on her flatmate's boyfriend and then Mooney.
    • Series 14 Episode 2
      The relief attends Recall's funeral. Adam accepts a loan from Mooney to help Elaine move to the country. Sally backs Mick at the inquiry. The new cook arrives and causes a stir.
    • Series 14 Episode 1
      Blue Watch return under the command of new Station Officer Mick Callaghan and are called out to a an accident involving a submerged car. Recall is fast approaching his retirement and looking forward to the future with bride to be Elaine. However, his deteriorating health raises concerns with Sally who confides with Mick and Frank leading to a tragic end.moreless
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