London's Burning

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  • From 1986 to 1998 Londons Burning reigned supreme and was by far one of the best TV Dramas around.

    This show can simply be described as a classic and possibly one of the best TV dramas of the late 1980s and 1990s. Up until its dramatic downfall around 1998 (Series 11) Londons Burning had millions glued to their screens. The combination of amazing special effects, gripping storylines and sheer quality made this show what it was. However the combination of killing off the main characters, poor storylines devoted to domestic problems and the lack of "real" fires led to a dramatic fall in ratings and eventually led to the show being axed in 2001.

    If anyone has not seen the early series of this show they are certainly missing out on what was, and possibly still can be described as a TV masterclass!!
  • it is a great drama

    i think there should bring the series back on to television and let it go onuntil 2010 or 2011 because it sends a message to every one that fire is dangoursand it can kill you never play with fire thats what message they give you and they tell you that
  • A great cast with interesting stories and a good change of pace from American fare. An informative look at English culture and attitudes towards safety. Everyday life in London gets a good representation in this well written drama series set in a London

    I was really sorry to see this one go when TRIO was sold to USA. It is very reminiscent of the Jack Webb 1970s hit EMERGENCY. Set in a London Firehouse we follow the exploits of a fire crew both on and off the job and get a glimpse of daily life in someplace other than the USA.

    It is a chance to see how similar we are and yet subtly different at the same time. Like all good dramas, some story lines develope over many episodes while others are self contained.

    Overall, there in nothing in the show that feels forced or contrived which is something that I consider a mark of good writing and acting.

    Please someone, let's get this one back on US TV.
  • Brilliant

    How can they axe Londons Burning. They should bring it back on tv. The best programme 2 b shown on tv on the earth with characters like sicknote, George, Poison Pearce and pitbull what more do u need 2 ask 4 Bring Londons burning back 2 our screens. Great drama.