London's Burning

Season 12 Episode 3

Series 12 Episode 3

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2000 on ITV

Episode Recap

Bluewatch are performing a routine inspection of a riverside office block when they come across Max, a groom to be who is handcuffed in the window cleaners cradle at the top of the building. Chris insists on climbing into the cradle to free Max but when the cradle becomes dislodged Chris nearly falls to his death. Eventually both men are rescued and although shaken, Chris is dubbed '007' by his colleagues.

Dan discovers Pearce has entered the station in a gardening competition with the help of Pitbull who has 'green fingers'. Joe tries to get Sally to come out with him and his brother Eddie on a night out but she refuses. After a small confrontation, she agrees to meet him at her favourite bar.

Hyper notices and tries to get information from Recall but he is too preoccupied with recent events at the hotel. Hyper suggests a night out to cheer him up but Recall reveals he is standing down as Union Rep. In his place, Dan is elected.

The Watch are called out to man who has had his hand glued to his car and it is revealed he is Max's best man and Max has had his revenge! Pearce is not impressed by the time wasting or the jokes he gets about weddings.

Recall, Maggie and Hyper all go out to the pub and meet Sally who refuses to say what she is planning on doing for the rest of the evening.

George returns home to find a stranger with his kids. Kelly has gone to a night class and not told him her plans. George is shocked by this and when Chris goes round to speak to George, he finds Kelly in tears and promises to talk to George.

Joe and Eddie go to the bar as suggested by Sally. Eddie reveals he has left he army and wants to return to London. Joe is looking forward to this but is annoyed that Sally has not turned up. Joe starts to check other women out until he notices Sally on the stage...about to sing!

Fiona returns home to find Pearce in a contemplative mood. He tells her he cannot marry her because he is afraid of making the same mistake a second time. Fiona opens the front door and tells the world she loves him and encourages him to do the same thing. Surprisingly he does and then agrees to marry her.

The big moment for Sicknote and Jean arrive as their new foster child arrives - streetwise 14 year old Owen.