Lone Star

FOX (ended 2010)


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  • Why was this show cancelled?

    Why was this show cancelled?

    A better question would be why was this show even made?

    Any show with a "hero" this far gone, who is both a bigamist and a conman, has already lost any audience sympathy.
  • I like this show. But it's already canceled.

    Who the heck cancels a show after two episodes? Wow, were those the good old days when we complained about networks canceling shows after just one or two SEASONS? We used to agree that sometimes a good show needs time to develop an audience. Especially since back then they were first feeling the rush of changing their schedules around every two minutes and so losing a show's fans in confusion. Let me inform Fox and all other networks that we don't pay any attention to ads any more. We tune them out of our heads without even thinking about it. So even if we watch other shows on your network, or somehow see a hundred commercials for a new show, then we will still know nothing of it and will only check it out when one of our TV-centric friends tell us about it. So you gotta give it more time, for crying out loud! At least give it a whole season before you unfairly kill good shows and promote the worst ones for several more seasons. I mean, you are of course idiot imbeciles, but you could make it a tiny bit less obvious.
  • What happened?!

    I really liked this show!! Does anyone know why it ended!!! It was really good and something different the normal crime dramas or comedies!! It was a great concept with a twist. A man torn between two lives making trying to make it work and makeup for the cons he played on some of the people while his dad was trying to figure out a way to scheme and make money! But he was trying to make them rich the legal way wile being torn by the two women he loved and the two lives he had that he loved for different reasons!