Lonesome Dove: The Series

CTV (ended 1995)


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  • After watching lonesome dove Robert Duval tommy lee jones return to lonesome dove jon voight was looking for more,found the series watched all 21 episodes back to back not dissapointed. FANTASTIC gave 9.9 because had to save 10 for outlaw years MUST SEE.

    The series seems to carry on from lonesome dove the return (the mini series with jon voight as Woodrow Call)In the final scenes Newt rides away from Hat Creek Cattle company to start a new life of his own in curtis wells where he promptly meets his wife Hannah and attempts to settle down.The plotline is a little timid to start with but soon picks up and turns into a fantastic series with some real good characters including a some what believable performance from Dennis Weaver as Wild Bill. Allthough a fantastic series the show remains in its entireity a little bit whiter than white but this only adds to the fact that Newts life with Hannah is going swimingly.....untill the final episode and the final scene then the whiter than white image explodes into The outlaw years (A REALLY MUST SEE.) In all a wicked western in the vain of all the lonesome dove movies. Dead man walking,lonesome dove,return to lonesome dove,streets of loredo, comanchee moon, All these movies about gus mcrae and woodrow call have led to this phenominal series.
  • Awesome show...

    I guess that this show is spun off of some movies or a mini series or something like that. My uncle bought the DVD set for this show and I watched all of the episodes and all of them are great. newt Call is the main character and when he comes to town just passing through he ends up getting married and being the part owner for a Hotel. Someone else is in love with his wife and he is clay mosby he owns the local Saloon. I really like western shows I think that they are really great. this hsow only lasted one season but it was a good one. later...
  • I love it.

    Man I love this show. I didn't think I would like a new western series but I love it. And Scott Bairstow did a great job playing the part of Newt Call, But I really love how he played his part in The Outlaw Years and lokk so hot too.Eric McCormack did a great playing his part and look good in black...... I was really BAD when they cancel it after season 2!!!I do think they even finsh season 2 buy the way the last show air.I just like to know what Newt was going to when she left town. I REALLY HATE how they end it. But I was really happy when they it out on DVD.
  • This was a classic TV Western series.

    Lonesome Dove was one of the better westerns to ever appear on television. Even beyond that, it is one of the better shows on television period. The writing was so good that it still holds up to today's standards. The regular cast was outstanding. The guest starts were absolutely fantastic. In this time period of television many famous actors would make appearances on great television shows such as this. Then there were the up and coming actors that would go on to become huge stars and used this as a springboard of sorts. All in all a great show that can still be watched today without missing a beat.
  • Newt Call and his wife live life in a western town.

    The first season reminded me of a John Wayne western. For the most part no matter what went wrong you knew who to root for. The second season reminded me of a Clint Eastwood western, the lines were blurred and the characters were less good and evil. I love both.