Lonesome Dove: The Series - Season 1

CTV (ended 1995)


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  • Snowbound
    Episode 21
    Hannah is torn between Newt and Mosby, and Newt has finally had enough of Mosby chasing after his wife.
  • Ties that Bind
    Ties that Bind
    Episode 20
    When Newt is presumed dead, Hannah turns to Mosby for comfort. Meanwhile, Newt's recently arrived father is determined to find his son alive.
  • The List
    The List
    Episode 19
    After Curtis finds gold nearby, the town is swamped with a gold rush. Even Austin is caught up in the excitement, becoming partners with Curtis and heading out to the claim. Soon, a small company of calvary arrive in town, led by a man named Captain Armstrong, whom Mosby believes was responsible for the death of his wife and entire family. After Mosby kidnaps him and attempts to get a confession out of him, Newt throws Mosby in jail. It's then discovered that the so called calvary are there not to transport the gold to the Denver mint, but to steal it and flee to Canada!! Newt ends up letting Mosby out of jail and the two team up to recover the gold and bring the thieves to justice. After a confrontation with Armstrong, Mosby finally gets the information he was looking for, before Armstrong commits suicide.moreless
  • Rebellion
    Episode 18
    Newt has to play referee between a negligent father and his angry daughter.
  • Traveller
    Episode 17
    A mysterious photographer comes to town, and Clay temporarily forgets about Hannah as he is drawn to her. Unfortunately, she's come to Curtis Wells as part of her final journey.
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
    Newt and Hannah head to the big city to catch Buffalo Bill's Wild West show and when someone can't perform, Hannah steps in.
  • Blood Money
    Blood Money
    Episode 15
    When Hannah's former sweetheart, an ex-con, comes to town, circumstances convince Newt that the town's temporary sheriff shouldn't be trusted.
  • The Road Home
    The Road Home
    Episode 14
    Newt catches a ride on a stagecoach, and gets a chance to observe the other passengers.
  • Law and Order
    Law and Order
    Episode 13
    Mosby hires some men to "buy" land that he wants to sell to the coming railroad, by using scare tactics and force. He fires them however when they assault Hannah. Sheriff Kearney arrives in town and sets up office. Mosby is attacked in the Ambrosia, by the angry men,after the money Clay owes them. Josiah finds out Olivia was involved in the attacks on the ranchers, and she decides to leave town.moreless
  • High Lonesome
    High Lonesome
    Episode 12
    During a visit to Sweetwater for some R'n'R, Austin kills a man in self defense, after an argument over a woman. They leave town and are attacked by the man's fellow gang members and left for dead. Newt had fallen in the river and was carried quite a distance downstream, where he was found by Curtis (yes the one the town was named after). Austin wakes up to finds Newt gone, and he himself is "rescued" by the town sheriff, who promptly throws him in jail for "murder" As Newt recovers from his injuries, Curtis teaches him wilderness skills. He then returns to town to help Austin, and they go after the gang to recover the ring they had stolen from Newt, a gift for Hannah.moreless
  • Firebrand
    Episode 11
    On his way home from purchasing a new horse, Newt comes across an interracial couple, stranded in the wilderness, the woman with a badly injured leg. He takes them to town where they are worried they will not be welcome in the hotel (he being Caucasian and his wife African-American), little do they realize who owns the hotel. After the man finds out it will cost more to fix his wagon than he has, he heads to the Ambrosia where he proceeds to lose his wagon and team!! During a visit to the Call ranch, Mosby suggests a little wager. .if Newt can beat him in an upcoming horse race, he will return the couples wagon and team. If Newt loses however, his horse will be Mosby's!!! The day of the race arrives and just as Newt is winning, some boys "borrow" the doctors new bicycle right into the path of the oncoming horses. Mosby crosses the finish line first, but tells Newt that he knew he would have beaten him, therefore the man could pick up his wagon in the morning.moreless
  • Where the Heart Is
    Where the Heart Is
    Episode 10
    The town pools their money to buy a herd of cattle to sell for a profit. Newt leads the drive along with Austin and several other townspeople, as well as one of Newt's old friends. The friend turns to foe however, when he shoots Newt and makes off with the cattle, assisted by a gang of rustlers. Also, Clay's old friend Olivia comes to town. . .an attractive woman who catches Josiah's eye.moreless
  • Ballad of a Gunfighter
    After an altercation with a gunslinger, Austin believes it was his bullet who killed the man. The town begins to treat him like a hero, and he takes on a gunfighter's persona, which greatly pleases his new girlfriend. It is fairly short lived however when Clay informs him that he thinks it was someone else who killed the man, and that Austin was basically making a fool of himself playing the part of a gunfighter. Meanwhile, Newt and an undercover Pinkerton agent, Murphy (the man who REALLY killed the gunfighter), infiltrate the Irish gang that he was sent to capture.moreless
  • Last Stand
    Last Stand
    Episode 8
    Buffalo Bill returns to offer Newt a job in his Wild West show, and they end up becoming partners to find a Cheyenne chief (Iron Bow)who has left the reservation without permission. After finding him and convincing him to return with them, they are betrayed by the officer who sent them out. When they assist Iron Bow in escaping they are arrested, but promptly break out of jail. Meanwhile. . Austin and Josiah argue when Austin plagiarizes a story and he takes of to Sweetwater. Hannah sneaks away after him to bring him home, then helps father and son make up.moreless
  • Long Shot
    Long Shot
    Episode 7
    Clay and Newt go after a group of whiskey traders, each with their own reasons. Meanwhile, Ida takes in the girlfriend of the gangs' driver, a man who just joined but wants out.
  • Duty Bound
    Duty Bound
    Episode 6
    After refusing to use the money Hannah's mother left her to finish their house more quickly, Newt finds another job. He becomes a scout for the army, assisting a hot tempered officer in tracking down a group of deserters. Meanwhile. . back in town, Hannah witnesses a different side of Clay, a kind, gentle side. When they join together to help some sick refugees, camped on the outskirts of town. .who may have cholera!!moreless
  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 5
    Newt and Hannah struggle to make ends meet. Newt and Austin go on a hunting trip.
  • Judgment Day
    Judgment Day
    Episode 5
    Newt tries to seek justice for the murder of an Indian who saved his life, but ends up allowing the Indians to mete out their punishment, when the white man's law fails. Meanwhile Clay's friend Robert is on the wrong side of a "Hanging Judge" when he is accused of the bank robbery and murder of the bank manager. After just winning the Pig's Eye Saloon, Clay's attention turns to figuring out how to save his lifelong friend, without ruining his chances at building a life in Curtis Wells.moreless
  • Wild Horses
    Wild Horses
    Episode 4
    While delivering a horse to the livery stable, Newt comes across a couple lying murdered in their barnyard. He and Hannah take in their young son, who hid in the chicken coop and witnessed the entire thing, and is so traumatized that he cannot speak. Also, a man being transported to jail escapes and steals the identity of the U.S. Marshall taking him there, when the man dies of a heart attack. He ends up in Curtis Wells, where Newt expects him. .as a U.S. Marshall . .to help find the boy's parents killers.moreless
  • When Wilt Thou Blow
    Josiah finally gives Newt and Hannah his blessing to marry, and the two begin to plan the big day. Ida is prepared to leave Curtis Wells after the bank manager, Hiram Cobb, apologetically informs her that the gentlemen who own the Unity Hotel wouldn't sell to a woman like her, but a chance meeting with Newt, who wants her to stick around, gives her an idea. After Newt puts in a dollar, she heads back into the bank to buy the hotel as his partner, which pleases Cobb as he makes the sale. Mosby and Shelby continue to plan, their intention to rob the bank and Mosby's intention to potentially create a life with Hannah. The bank robbery goes south and interrupts the wedding, also resulting in the death of Hiram Cobb. Newt and Hannah manage to get married, and Ida rechristens the hotel the Lonesome Dove for Newt's hometown in Texas.moreless
  • Down Come Rain
    Down Come Rain
    Episode 2
    Mosby and Shelby are revealed to be in league with the men who attacked Ida Grayson. Mosby leads Newt and Aaron to the men and shoots them dead. Aaron heads out on a scouting mission of his own and comes across Red Hawk. While helping Red Hawk fix his wagon, they are attacked by Spotted Elk. Newt later finds Aaron, who has been shot in the back, and takes him back to town where a devastated Ida buries her husband. Mosby and Shelby set up a plan to steal the Cossack gold that the grand duke was going to use to buy the land for the railroad. Shelby sees Hannah in town and realises that Mosby is fascinated with her because she looks like his late wife Mary, who was raped and killed during the war. Newt and Hannah continue their courtship, and not even rescuing Red Hawk changes Josiah's mind about him. Newt asks Hannah to marry him and she says yes, but Josiah doesn't approve.moreless
  • O Western Wind
    O Western Wind
    Episode 1
    Ida Grayson shows up in Curtis Wells to meet up with her husband, but the proprietor of the hotel refuses to rent her a room because of her skin color. While leaving town, she and her driver are set on by robbers, and are saved by Newt Call and Buffalo Bill in the nick of time. Call takes her back to town, where no one will help her. The next day, he again takes her to the Lonesome Dove, where he and a newcomer, Clay Mosby, a forced to get violent with some racist locals while they ensure her a room. Mosby is shocked to see Hannah, who reminds him of someone from his past. Newt asks Hannah out, and the two enjoy a romantic dinner together, reading poetry and dancing. Ida begs her husband Aaron, a scout for the army, not to go after the men who accosted her. Mosby gets drunk with an old friend, Robert Shelby, and prepares to leave Curtis Wells.moreless