Long Island Medium

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Long Island Medium

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Theresa Caputo, a real-life psychic medium, mustbalance her family life along with her full-time job of looking into the past lives of clients.

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AIRED ON 3/27/2016

Season 8 : Episode 17


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    • Annoying

      I am not in the room but can hear her on TV. I need to ask why does her kids still live at home-I would have gotten as far away from her as possible. She doesn't talk she yells (typical NY woman)- she baggers her husband and kids. I thought this was suppose to be about readings she is doing less readings and the program is showing more family involvement her baggering husband and kids and this is boring and needless to say ANNOYING!!-not to mention a complete fake! Ranks right up there with Amish mafiamoreless
    • Amazing

      Teresa you are amazing I would love to have a reading, I live in Blackwood, NJ (south jersey), If you are ever in the area. I would love to hear from my family that have passed on. Its been a bad year for me and I always wish they where here. My Mom and Dad where always there for me and I miss them dearly. Also my brother and older sister have passed and we where very close. Well keep up the good work you are truly truly amazing.

    • Fools

      It never ceases to amaze me that a total fraud can convince monosyllabic schnooks that he/she has some make believe power. I'm going to reveal a secret of Superman. I'm for real. I'm super and I'm a man, so I must be Superman. Can I get my own TV show so I can show the world all the Superman stuff I do every day? Only thing is I do it so fast you can't see it because of my super speed. But I'm still doing super stuff, just super fast so you can't see it and I do things so super fast no one realizes it but I can't do everything super fast because there's too many things that happen all at once but I can do about 90% of the super stuff that needs to be done, not all of it. Still, 90% of bad things that would have happened don't because I prevent them from happening with super fast speed in a super way.moreless
    • Never ceases to amaze me...

      Teresa is absolutely amazing. How wonderfully gifted! I really admire those who dedicate their time to enlightening and helping others. She reminds me of an intuitive named Cari that I saw in New Orleans. The world really needs more genuine intuitives to empower everyone, we are all truly gifted.
    • Need your help..

      Your great Teresa, and if you ever get to Oregon I would love to see you..My brother died 26 yrs ago and I think there was foul play when my father died. Also when my mother died, I think thier was foul play.Thanks for giving me hope. Thank you......Peace

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