Long Way Round

Season 1 Episode 1

Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2004 on Sky1

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  • Preparations

    I really most say, I am so eager to watch it. I had seen some pieces of it before but never fully and when my friend offered to borrow me the dvd, I thought.. I can give it a try.. and I think I needed few minutes to be nailed to this adventure.

    I loved very much the whole way the preparations where shown.. it really brought that kind of real and big feeling to it. Usually that kind of adventure shows and expetations.. they only so the part where they are heading somewhere.. not the part what is huge and needs to be done before heading off.

    So, I really have my hopes high and eager to see what comes.
  • very simpel yet gripping as you want to know more about the adventure they are planning...

    I dont think that anyone has done anyghing quite like this before. admitidely it did seam a little bit alike Michael Palin's adventures around the world in 80 days along with his pole to pole, but apart from that this is quite unique and there has been very littel experience of filming these types of TV series. it would be nice to see a sequel but i dont exacly see it coming any time soon as it was realy just something that the two main characters had been wanting to do for some time, with no motivation to do it apart from doing it for them selves. there were several comical moments throught out the series. if you like cars or motorbikes then this is the program for you not only does it test the machines but also the riders (and not forgetting the patients of the production team and everybody involved behind the camera).

    A true master peace, and i loved every moment of it.
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