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Based on Walt Longmire Mystery series of novels by Craig Johnson, Longmire also is named after its central character, Walt Longmire, the local sheriff in rural Wyoming. As the series starts, Longmire has been widowed for a year and, still in pain, hides behind a brave face and dry wit. After his wife's death, he dragged himself into the office but his heart wasn't really in the job. He knows it's time to turn his life around and with the help of his daughter, Cady, and his deputy, Vic, he revives his interest in his job and decides to give his all to his re-election campaign. Victoria "Vic" Moretti is the newest addition to the sheriff's office. She was a Philadelphia homicide detective for five years before relocating to Wyoming. While adjusting to how to deal with the locals, Vic is out to prove she's not a rookie. She has a deep connection with Longmire along with her playful attitude and he allows her to be his most trusted deputy. Longmire's lifelong best friend and close confidant is Henry Standing Bear, the owner of the local bar. Henry is often Walt's go-between with the reservation. Unlike Longmire, Henry embraces progress and the trappings of the modern world while holding a close connection with his past. Another one of Longmire's deputies is ambitious go-getter Branch Connally. He's motivated more by political aspirations than his work as a deputy. He thinks Longmire's stuck in the past and wants the department to have the technology that most other law enforcement agencies use. It's his umbrage towards Walt's outdated methods that pushes him to run for sheriff. Longmire's only child is daughter, Cady Longmire, an attorney who dreams of practicing law in a big city. With the death of her mother, Cady has stayed to help Walt get his life back together. She isn't afraid to tell her father like it is, and it's this straight talk and sense of humor that makes their connection strong. Longmire's third deputy is The Ferg who has a heart of gold. He's loyal and well meaning and always eager to please. The Ferg can hunt and fix most anything but he's not much of an investigator. Longmire is produced by The Shephard/Robin Company in association with Warner Horizon Television. Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny wrote the pilot and serve as executive producers along with Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin. The series stars Australian actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, along with Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman and newcomer Adam Bartley.


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  • longmire

    one of the best shows on tv, only blue bloods and NCIS on CBS is better. when your sponsors say older people don't buy they need to run new survey. older people don't go shopping as much outside the home but they shop and buy on internet and imagine results will astound you. I was in business a long time, ran lots of ads, not that they were going to sell anything, all a ad is good for is try to get buyer to your business if they are looking for a object, advertised by several other sellers. Hope some one smarter picks Longmire up.moreless
  • #LongLiveLongmire

    Best show on tv looking for a good home, join the Longmire Posse on FB, to keep up with stampede!
  • Way to go A&E

    A&E does it again. Leave Duck Dynasty for all the redneck bigots, but cancel Longmire, one of the best shows on TV. I guess those of us who want to watch positive good TV instead of mindless reality shows have no standing with the network or cable TV heads.
  • Good show

    Edit 17Sep2014> Thanks for all the thumbs up - usually my posts inspire the opposite. I wanted to add my hopes for the entire cast to go on to even bigger and better things. I especially want to single out Sackhoff. Very VERY few attractive young actresses have the skill, courage and self-assurance to take on serious dramatic roles that downplay their physical attractiveness.

    I have to put her in a class with Katey Sagal, 25 years older but my admiration for her skyrocketed when she pulled off most of SOA season 5 looking like Mike Tyson's sparring partner.

    Edit 28Aug14> Yikes - first Glades, now Longmire. What's the point of watching anything on A&E anymore? Why oh why doesn't USA pick up shows like this instead of the soapy mush they seem bent on riding over the cliff into oblivion? Longmire was better than 90% of shows that have debuted in the last 3 years, including the major networks...


    Not bad - after vilifying the 1-dimensional Branch they've found a way to infuse his character with the depth and breadth worthy of our interest. I'm glad they didn't discard him like SoA did with Wayne's season 1 deputy Hale - I thought he brought a great dimension to that show...

    The writers also deserve credit for putting together good, well-paced, adult stories without the crutch of gratuitous sex, violence and profanity that have become the staple of most new shows.

    Edit 05Aug2014> Just saw the new Dodge Ram commercial with Walt and Ferg - good tribute to the show's success...moreless
  • One of the best TV shows

    So disappointed to hear of this cancellation - Arguably one the best shows on TV. Love the modern western, great characterization and beautiful scenery with wide open spaces. I hope another network picks this one up.


    In the Wake of Longmire's Cancellation, What's Next for A&E?

    Ever since reality megahit Duck Dynasty began losing viewers, the cable network has been dodging bullets.


    A&E Cancels Longmire After Three Seasons

    The series wrapped its third season earlier this month with a cliffhanger finale.

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