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Case of the Week – Walt and Branch are reunited and it feels so good (it’s great to watch too!)
This week’s episode started off with the introduction of the always entertaining Peter Weller waxing poetic about the majesty of the cowboy. This is the type of thing I love about Longmire. Also, what other random bar events does Henry host at the Red Pony? After cutting to a scene where Walt received a safety deposit box that contained a rotting finger sent by a murdered inmate, we were off to the races on this week’s case. First up was our introduction to Peter Weller who turned out to be former Sheriff Lucian Connally. Back in 1989 the murdered inmate had stolen $800,000 worth of triceratops bones from the local college and had been promptly caught by Lucian and sent to jail. Initially feigning disinterest in the case, Lucian quickly returned to the forefront of the investigation after Walt and Branch discovered that Lucien has been to the prison to see the inmate only the week before. The most important part of this sequence was what I had been hoping for – Branch and Walt back to being Branch and Walt friendly co-workers/competitors and it was a simple pleasure to behold. It turned out that Lucian had been attempting to work a quick deal with the inmate for a share in the missing $800,000.

The next step in our journey was the funeral of the dead inmate where we were introduced to the grieving girlfriend Connie (who it later turned out had in fact had a fling with Lucian after the inmates imprisonment). At this point everyone had come to the conclusion that the dead inmate must have had a partner and *luckily* enough the helpful prison guard Hank (not Schrader, I know you were thinking it) just happened to find a confession letter from the dead inmate spelling out exactly who that partner was (Riley) and where the money was stashed. After being told by the grieving girlfriend Connie that she had last seen robbery partner Riley several months ago on a brand spanking new 30 foot boat, an APB was put out for robbery partner Riley – which led to one of the most fun scenes in the run of Longmire.

Ferg managed to pull robbery partner Riley over at a road check, but without backup had let robbery partner Riley take off (considering that he was considered armed and dangerous not a bad call) much to the chagrin of Vic, Walt, and Branch. This led to the “Moment of Amazing” as Ferg proceeded to acknowledge that he had let robbery partner Riley flee, but that he had purposely done so after leaving a GPS tracker in the bed of his pickup.The smile on Walt’s face after he turned away was priceless.

However, it turned out to be all for naught as robbery partner Riley and the dead inmate were seriously committed to their bond (robbery partner Riley cut off his own finger to prove he was trustworthy and the dead inmate didn’t snitch about having a partner). At this point Walt returned to the house of the grieving girlfriend Connie only to find her shacked up with the helpful prison guard Hank. Grieving girlfriend Connie then tried to pin the murder of the inmate on the jealousy of the helpful prison guard Hank. However, in the end Walt was having none of it and it turned that grieving girlfriend Connie had found and spent the money years ago and was worried about dead inmate finding this out when he was to be released from prison in a week’s time.

An Unspoken Feeling – Walt and Vic

Prior to this episode the quietly simmering relationship between Vic and Walt had not been explored much this season, beyond a few occurrences of Vic throwing shade at Walt’s rich ladyfriend Lizzie. There had been one truly touching moment in the hospital when Vic comforted Walt in Cady’s room after her accident where it had been lightly acknowledged. It seemed like it might have been a bit too intense for Vic though as she quickly pulled back. However, this season she and her husband seemed to be getting along much better than they had last season with Vic even coming to his rescue a few episodes ago at the protest at this workplace.

This week however, we finally learned why Vic had fled Philadelphia and moved to Wyoming – she had turned in a dirty cop in her precinct in Philly who then proceeded to kill himself. His friends on the force, especially his partner Ed (who turned up in Wyoming a few episodes ago - played by Lee Tergesen who just submitted a superb performance as the deranged Philomen Keating on Copper), blamed Vic and began a campaign of psychological and emotional torture against her. Fearing for her life, Vic and her husband moved across the country to Wyoming where Ed eventually found her. Creepily this week Ed broke into both Vic’s car and her house leading to Vic starting to unravel. After unburdening herself to Walt (kudos to Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor on this emotionally wrenching scene), Vic was invited to stay on Walt’s couch in the cabin.

Naturally, Lizzie chose this opportune moment to show up for a booty call just as Walt was getting into the shower. Misinterpreting (but maybe not so much?) the scene, Lizzie railed against Walt that while she could share him with his dead wife, she felt like Vic was taking that place instead. Walt vehemently denied anything was going on with Vic (and to be honest we have never seen or heard him suggest that his feelings swing anymore beyond friendship). Vic also denied anything was going on, but there was a tiny hint of fear in her eyes that suggested she might still be yearning for Walt.

In the final scene of the episode Walt confronted Ed and using a tale from the Illiad (only you Longmire…and I love it!) told him that he better get out of town or else.

Next Week’s Prediction

I have a sneaking suspicion that Ed might be working with Detective Fales in an attempt to get back at Vic.

What did you think of this week’s episode?
What other events does Henry host at the Red Pony?
Does Walt have feelings for Vic or is it a one way street?
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