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  • Great Episode!!

    This show has consistently given great scripts and fantastic acting every episode, but ashes to ashes surpassed them all. This one had me laughing and crying and holding my breathe!! Do we really have to wait so long to find out if Branch is alive?? :) just brilliant!!.
  • Good show

    Not bad - after vilifying the 1-dimensional Branch they've found a way to infuse his character with the depth and breadth worthy of our interest. I'm glad they didn't discard him like SoA did with Wayne's season 1 deputy Hale - I thought he brought a great dimension to that show...

    The writers also deserve credit for putting together good, well-paced, adult stories without the crutch of gratuitous sex, violence and profanity that have become the staple of most new shows.

    Edit 05Aug2014> Just saw the new Dodge Ram commercial with Walt and Ferg - good tribute to the show's success...
  • The absolute best tv show currently playing!!!!

    I give it 10 I love this show, Craig Johnson really knows how to create believable characters, with wonderful plots and twists, the casting is also fabulous
  • Longmire Great But Needing Tweaking

    Good show that holds ones attention to the end. Compelling storyline. Robert Taylor's portrayal of his character is stellar. However, I have a hard time watching Branch, and sometimes Vic. Bad casting or bad acting? Not sure which, but Branch's portrayal is awkward and painful to watch. Vic is also often awkwardly portrayed, but a bit more watchable than Branch. Robert Taylor's acting and the storyline keeps me coming back. I'd love to see Ferg's part expanded. Will Branch be killed off? Will the show come back for a 4th season? It would be a loss if it's cancelled, but the show would benefit with some casting changes.
  • Good, but...

    I love Longmire, but every time I see Branch I want to fast-forward. All he does is brood and stare sulkily into the camera. His new villainy doesn't work, IMHO, and all they've done is put dark circles under his eyes with constant close-ups on his face. I know he's pretty, but it doesn't work to have him completely go off the bend.
  • let us thank A&E for bring Longmire to the screen 9.5

    A&E has broken the chain of mediocrity television. Now there is something worthwhile rather than having to look at the inane, idiotic reality shows, such as Duck Dynasty;

    We now have LONGMIRE. I hope the producers wake up and give some thought to publicize this really good tV show.
  • What's wrong with TVcom???

    My problem is that this show, which in this summer season is one of the best on TV, is not advertised as "What to Watch Tonight", nor is it reviewed/commented on by staff after being shown. What gives?!?
  • Great cast

    one of, if not the best tv series we have seen in years
  • This is a keeper!

    Great characterization, wonderful plots, strong atmosphere, beautiful locale. What more does one want in a drama? It's a keeper.
  • Salt/pepper hair & all - Walt hasn't ................

    a step since previous season. White warrior was terrific : cowboys & Indians & ghosts - what more could anyone want ? More women in Walt's life maybe !?
  • Renew

    Great news that this wonderful show has been renewed. I love the actors and the story line is great too. I wish the network would promote this show a little more. I would hate to see it get cancelled like so many other shows that I liked.
  • Love this show!

    I LOVE Longmire! I am so glad that there is another season!
  • Missing Longmire!

    Love this we get another season soon.
  • When will it come back?

    I'm ready for more Longmire...
  • Longmire's return

    I like this show a lot. Great acting and country flavor missing on tv. Please continue this show. Looking forward to future episodes
  • Need more Walts

    As usual this episode had me on the edge of my seat. I love Walt and Henry. The world needs more Walts. This is so good. I am really liking the modern day western of this show. I will be waiting with excitement for next season. Branch better live. This is one of the top shows on tv for me. Oh and I think Katee does a great job on this show, but then again I like her acting ability. Fine show indeed.
  • What the heck are you doing to my Longmire??!!

    I'm sick of race baiting from our government and from the press and from lib-tard Hollywood
  • Love the show !!

    Being in a small town this is a lot like what small town law enforcement would be like, I cant wait till the new episodes next season hope that's soon !!
  • Game & Fish

    Writers should get it straight , especially if you want to believe this show is based in Wyoming. Couple of times the characters have called it the "Fish & Game" department, that's wrong. In Wyoming, it's called the "Game & Fish" department!
  • Best show ever.

    This is the best show ever. There's nothing wrong with it. It a lot better than the rest of the shit that's on tv now.
  • Everything but Red Rock Country

    Got love that crusty sheriff devoid of all the modern contraptions of law enforcement. This is a must watch show.
  • Really?!?

    Up until now I couldn't be happier with a series and character. Now, I don't know. Walt's gonna punish himself cuz his daughter was hit by a car?!? Really?!? Come on guys! This is TOTALLY out of character for Walt Longmire. Let's cut this crap and get back to what this show is supposed to be about--Walt Longmire solving crimes using his head! Since I'm here, let me get a few other things off my chest. Could Vic's clothes be any tighter? Could Branch's clothes be any tighter? How about a whole lot LESS of Branch and Vic and a whole lot MORE of the Ferg! Actually, you could probably can Vic and Branch. They don't add anthing to the show anyway. And what's with the obligatory 'sh*t' word in EVERY episode?!? I can't watch this show with my grandson because that word has to be used at least ONCE every week. I LOVE this show but there are too many unnecessary distractions. Let's recap: Get rid of Vic. Get rid of Branch. More Ferg. No more Native American rituals. Still a good show.
  • Lou dimond phillips on Longmire

    this series covers a little of everything and then some. Lou diamond lives his part as he spares off with each episode

    Being a long time lover of Gunsmoke, this show reminds me of it. Robert Taylor, the Australian actor who plays Walt Longmire is brilliant in his performance on Longmire The rest of the characters are great too. It is about time there came a very realistic show without all of the pretty faces which networks try to shove down our throats to get us to watch a show with no content. Lou Diamond Phillips has always been a favorite and adds a lot to this show. I have watched 5 shows so far and am already hooked. It reminds me of the old classics such as Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza, etc. which were brilliant shows which were built around content, not pretty faces. Taylor actually resembles Marshal Matt Dillon at times. Great show.
  • Cowboys and Indians

    Like the Cowboys and Indians like setup off this series
  • bait and switch?

    The early episodes were believable... and then, the last 3 New Season episodes sound like they were written by someone on the Left Coast instead of someone with a clue about fly over country like Wyoming. Did the latest episode have to pit the cute ecco terrorist claiming that cows are killing the earth with cow farts? Really? No one dares to point out that the earth has been cooling for over a decade and maybe cow farts are the only thing that will save us from an ice age... but no. She managed to talk the rancher's son into rustling his dad's cows. Is this supposed to equal an interesting side story? It's just annoying.
  • Longmire's OK

    It's worth watching. it's consistent. It's entertaining in a different kind of way. I can't think of anything similar.

    Most episodes rate from 6.5 to 7.5
  • Watched the first episode of season 1 and want to see more...

    I'm pretty much hooked from the get-go, the characters are solid, the cinematography is great, the various little plot elements have me hooked and I look forward to the rest of the season and season 2. I wouldn't say this is amazing television but it's definitely worthwhile to watch.
  • Great show

    Very good show, love the characters. Just the right amount of drama and humor.

    In my opinion, all I can say is WOWEEE, it's about time someone had the fortitude and guts to come along with this Wonderful Show, finally!!! It is truly worth watching, and Robert Taylor, where have you been all this time? You are my idea of a MAN. I get shivers up and down my spine when I see you and it isn't just me. My husband can't wait for your new series to come on. A&E, you deserve a big pat on the back for this beautiful story and the truly great cast that you've put together, especially Robert Taylor!!!The critics who try to destroy every thing that's good , should be tarred and feathered , and their pencils taken are they to tell us what America should see. This show contains a lot about the American Indians and provides us with some history and understanding. Oh! the humor is so refreshing. Please A&E don't do as USA TV did with Peacemakers. Still don't understand those idiots. Thanks AStrouhal
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