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  • Are you people nuts?!?!?

    I can't believe these reviews.... While I agree the show had some good values/morals, it had some of the WORST acting I've ever seen. The majority of the "star" characters were hardly tolerable and the support cast isn't worth mentioning. Could have been really good with a better director and cast. I'm still hoping that the person who said this was one of the best westerns ever was joking. Days of our lives meets the ol west...
  • PLEASE Bring this Show Back

    A friend suggested this series to me a couple of months ago. I ordered all 5 seasons and became addicted. I would sit and watch episodes back to back for hours. We would discuss episodes as I watched them and she told me of how many people she has had become addicted upon her recommendation. When she mentioned that season 6 would be the final season because Netflix is dropping the show, I became so disappointed. Now addicted and almost wishing I'd never started watching it because I WANT MORE!!

    This show has actors perfectly matched for their characters and its a good, clean show that all ages can really enjoy. I hope that some network will pick it up and run with it. PLEASE!!!!! I've ordered season 6 but dread watching it. Guess I'll start back over and watch the seasons over and over.
  • Best Western Ever

    Can't believe I just discovered this series. Very well acted and directed. Walt is one of the best male leads on TV. Female characters are strong and believable.
  • Walt has changed.

    I have enjoyed this show from day dot. I have enjoyed watching Walt as a taciturn man with deep emotions solving crimes and relating to people in his own way. I have found this season to be frustrating with his fixation on Jacob, seems very un-Walt like. I wish Vic could get some of her attitude back, that's what Katee Sackhoff does best.
  • Longmire

    I love, love, love this show.

    However, the 5th season missed the mark. It appears that there will have to be another season, wanted one anyway, don't want the show to end. And, as others below are saying, I have had enough of Vic. And, the subtle implication this season that she Should be involved with Walt (if you've watch you know very early in the season where that is) then this show Should end, regardless of what happened in the books.
  • A long walk into a mire of soap.

    I've spent the last week watching this show from the beginning to the end of season four. I enjoyed the first two seasons and 9/10 of the third up until... Well I can't say without spoilers.

    Sadly, after that its been a slippery slope into just another soapy copshow.

    The cast does a great job though, keeping the characters on track while the screenwriters seems to snort up and play away their sanity at the res casino.

    A solid 10 for the cast. A less appealing 4 for the idiots writing the episodes.
  • I love the show but...

    Vic. Vic is just awful in every way. and she gets worse. and worse. and worse. by the fourth season, she just outright ruins every scene she's in. watch it anyway, but just try not to let her ruin it for you. she probably will though.
  • The annoying whinny blonde ruins the show!!!

    Vic is a whinny b. I cant stand her complaining and she thinks she's all that. She makes the show worse!! I wish I could punch her in the face. Id give the show a 10 if she wasnt on it. If there has to be a female deputy she should of been a nice girl. Not a pompous only on season 2 now. I doubt ill make it to season 3 !!!
  • Logmire draws you in

    I've been bored by superficial characters made of cement for so long and then came Longmire.

    Love this story and hope it neverends.

    RT is the sexiest man on screen with just the perfect blend of humanity and frank testosterone. He must be Walt.
  • Why only 10 for the new season?

    I love Longmire! It is one of my most favorite shows that has come along for many years. I was so excited to see the "new" season coming this September. Unfortunately, the season seems extremely short with only 10 shows. I always thought a season meant a show every week for at least half of the year for 24 to 30. So far, that is my only disappointment in that there aren't more.
  • The chick with the blonde hair.

    See, I can't even remember her name I dislike her so much. The one with the tight, low cut Sargent's uniform. Either tone the stupid, unprofessional-emotional act and give her better lines or got rid of her,. That being said I love this show. the rest is great acting, interesting characters and a great story most of the time.
  • Thank you Netflix for season 4 of Longmire

    Thank you Netflix for saving Longmire for another season. It is one of the few shows that is well written, acted with interesting characters and a minimum amount of gore and gratuitous sex.
  • Longmire and why it is excellent!

    Longmire is a modern-day western. It mixes in good old fashioned western cowboy and American ethics. The setting is superb and the acting is to notch. The characters are rich and the series follows the books with reasonable accuracy. In a small town there are very few secrets.
  • Like the show but there is too much altruism in it

    Consider Auden's observation: "We are here on earth to do good for others. What the others are here for, I don't (THE WEEK, Nov. 16, 2002, p. 19)

  • Tonto

    It is not something the writers are doing to be racist. It is actually one of the few things that carries over from the book series. Henry's lack of contractions is just how Craig Johnson wrote the character. To me, it adds an interesting dimension to the character just like Walt's lack of words and Vic's foul mouth. He adds interesting linguistic elements to each character that make them interesting and change speech patterns while reading so everyone doesn't sound the same. If you haven't read the books the show is based I highly recommend them. The story lines are quite different but you'll see more of Walt's sense of humor and how much Johnson goes out of his way to portray both wyomingers and natives. There is just as much about their culture and their beliefs as well as his friendship with Henry as there is about solving crimes. I'm glad they're bringing the show back and I hope with Netflix behind them they can show even more of some of the great aspects of the series.
  • Jumped the Shark with Season 3

    Love the books and enjoyed seasons 1 and most of 2, but season 3 has become a long soap opera. Walt's department is totally dysfunctional and Branch's descent into madness just silly. The only thing that saves it at all is the superb acting.
  • Why does Henry talk like Tonto?

    1) Does this show think that Henry doesn't ever use normal American contractions? He can only speak in full words, eg "I do not think that is

    "He did not go

    Weird. The real Native American actors don't speak like that.

    2) Why do all the actors playing down and out characters like drunks, homeless guys, etc. all have unnaturally brilliant white and perfect teeth? Why doesn't Makeup darken the teeth for the shot. They all look like they are in a commercial. Get real!

    The series is pretty good. Nice change: a modern American town out West.
  • Cant believe its gone already

    Just discovered this wonderful show and gutted to hear its cancelled already
  • I want Longmire back on TV!

    Hey, Ya'll I'm a redneck and I would rather see Longmire any time than that Duck Dineisty. I dont even like ducks to eat. Put Longmire back on. Please!
  • longmire

    one of the best shows on tv, only blue bloods and NCIS on CBS is better. when your sponsors say older people don't buy they need to run new survey. older people don't go shopping as much outside the home but they shop and buy on internet and imagine results will astound you. I was in business a long time, ran lots of ads, not that they were going to sell anything, all a ad is good for is try to get buyer to your business if they are looking for a object, advertised by several other sellers. Hope some one smarter picks Longmire up.
  • #LongLiveLongmire

    Best show on tv looking for a good home, join the Longmire Posse on FB, to keep up with stampede!
  • Way to go A&E

    A&E does it again. Leave Duck Dynasty for all the redneck bigots, but cancel Longmire, one of the best shows on TV. I guess those of us who want to watch positive good TV instead of mindless reality shows have no standing with the network or cable TV heads.
  • Good show

    Edit 17Sep2014> Thanks for all the thumbs up - usually my posts inspire the opposite. I wanted to add my hopes for the entire cast to go on to even bigger and better things. I especially want to single out Sackhoff. Very VERY few attractive young actresses have the skill, courage and self-assurance to take on serious dramatic roles that downplay their physical attractiveness.

    I have to put her in a class with Katey Sagal, 25 years older but my admiration for her skyrocketed when she pulled off most of SOA season 5 looking like Mike Tyson's sparring partner.

    Edit 28Aug14> Yikes - first Glades, now Longmire. What's the point of watching anything on A&E anymore? Why oh why doesn't USA pick up shows like this instead of the soapy mush they seem bent on riding over the cliff into oblivion? Longmire was better than 90% of shows that have debuted in the last 3 years, including the major networks...


    Not bad - after vilifying the 1-dimensional Branch they've found a way to infuse his character with the depth and breadth worthy of our interest. I'm glad they didn't discard him like SoA did with Wayne's season 1 deputy Hale - I thought he brought a great dimension to that show...

    The writers also deserve credit for putting together good, well-paced, adult stories without the crutch of gratuitous sex, violence and profanity that have become the staple of most new shows.

    Edit 05Aug2014> Just saw the new Dodge Ram commercial with Walt and Ferg - good tribute to the show's success...
  • One of the best TV shows

    So disappointed to hear of this cancellation - Arguably one the best shows on TV. Love the modern western, great characterization and beautiful scenery with wide open spaces. I hope another network picks this one up.

  • What the heck?

    What happened to all the comments (including mine) that were on here the day before yesterday from all the people that are ticked off about the cancellation? Does that mean this will be gone too? At least we still have the books by Craig Johnson. A&E can't cancel those.
  • Another one bites the dust...

    Not surprisingly, the network decides to cancel this phenomenal show, right when it really starts picking up the pace.

    I really can't be bothered to watch any other show from that deranged network again.

    I am really going to miss this show :(
  • Great Episode!!

    This show has consistently given great scripts and fantastic acting every episode, but ashes to ashes surpassed them all. This one had me laughing and crying and holding my breathe!! Do we really have to wait so long to find out if Branch is alive?? :) just brilliant!!.
  • The absolute best tv show currently playing!!!!

    I give it 10 I love this show, Craig Johnson really knows how to create believable characters, with wonderful plots and twists, the casting is also fabulous
  • Longmire Great But Needing Tweaking

    Good show that holds ones attention to the end. Compelling storyline. Robert Taylor's portrayal of his character is stellar. However, I have a hard time watching Branch, and sometimes Vic. Bad casting or bad acting? Not sure which, but Branch's portrayal is awkward and painful to watch. Vic is also often awkwardly portrayed, but a bit more watchable than Branch. Robert Taylor's acting and the storyline keeps me coming back. I'd love to see Ferg's part expanded. Will Branch be killed off? Will the show come back for a 4th season? It would be a loss if it's cancelled, but the show would benefit with some casting changes.
  • Good, but...

    I love Longmire, but every time I see Branch I want to fast-forward. All he does is brood and stare sulkily into the camera. His new villainy doesn't work, IMHO, and all they've done is put dark circles under his eyes with constant close-ups on his face. I know he's pretty, but it doesn't work to have him completely go off the bend.