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  • Good show

    Edit 17Sep2014> Thanks for all the thumbs up - usually my posts inspire the opposite. I wanted to add my hopes for the entire cast to go on to even bigger and better things. I especially want to single out Sackhoff. Very VERY few attractive young actresses have the skill, courage and self-assurance to take on serious dramatic roles that downplay their physical attractiveness.

    I have to put her in a class with Katey Sagal, 25 years older but my admiration for her skyrocketed when she pulled off most of SOA season 5 looking like Mike Tyson's sparring partner.

    Edit 28Aug14> Yikes - first Glades, now Longmire. What's the point of watching anything on A&E anymore? Why oh why doesn't USA pick up shows like this instead of the soapy mush they seem bent on riding over the cliff into oblivion? Longmire was better than 90% of shows that have debuted in the last 3 years, including the major networks...


    Not bad - after vilifying the 1-dimensional Branch they've found a way to infuse his character with the depth and breadth worthy of our interest. I'm glad they didn't discard him like SoA did with Wayne's season 1 deputy Hale - I thought he brought a great dimension to that show...

    The writers also deserve credit for putting together good, well-paced, adult stories without the crutch of gratuitous sex, violence and profanity that have become the staple of most new shows.

    Edit 05Aug2014> Just saw the new Dodge Ram commercial with Walt and Ferg - good tribute to the show's success...