Season 2 Episode 7

Sound and Fury

Aired Unknown Jul 08, 2013 on Netflix

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  • Not what I expected. It was even better

    When the latest episode of television's best kept secret starts it appears it's going to be a story about Henry helping to find and catch a man he overhears in his bar trying to hire someone to kill his wife. Quite a few twists and turns later which include the man turning up dead, his femme fatale wife not feeling so sorry about it, and an angry hitman on the loose targeting Henry and the episode enfolds in a far different manner that what you would initially expect.

    Andrea Roth is terrific here as the woman whose real purpose is never quite clear. Is she merely the intended victim? Or is she behind the misdirection and murder of her husband? The show keeps you guessing until the end when Longmire races to rescue Henry from the real killer.

    The episode also continues to foreshadow Vic's past coming back to haunt her as an old co-worker shows up out of the blue. He says he's there to make amends, but his words and actions speak otherwise. I can't wait to see where this is going.

    The mystery of the week is fun to watch unfold, but as always its the characters and their interactions that makes the show work week after week. Some of my favorite moments from this week are Cady going to work for Henry (and Longmire's reaction to that news) and Vic's paranoia setting in as to her old "friend's" sudden arrival.

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