Season 2 Episode 8

The Great Spirit

Aired Unknown Jul 15, 2013 on Netflix

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  • The Rodeo is in town (and so is Detective Fales)

    Longmire and his deputies investigate the murder of a corporate farm's foreman who was shot and then tied to the back of a wild horse. The more Longmire and Vic look into the farm and the underground rodeo the more unclear the motives of the murder become, especially after they discover the human trafficking and indentured servitude many of the illegal immigrants are living under.

    The episode also marks the return of Detective Fales who has some questions for Henry about what he was doing in Denver during the time of his murder case, and the tension between Longmire and Branch heats up when the deputy begins shirking his duties on the eve of the election as he doesn't want to offend any potential voters.

    Another strong character-based episode with a mystery that winds the sheriff through a few twists and turns before he eventual gets his man.

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