Look and Read - Season 13

BBC Two (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Through The Dragon's Eye: The Final Page
    Jenny, Scott, Amanda, Boris and Rodey are searching for the final Veeton piece to save Gorwen and the land of Pelamar from vanishing for good, can the gang complete their quest assigned by Gorwen?
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: Danger On High!
    Gorwen returns to the Veetacore house after defeating the evil Charn for good, but Gorwen sustained an injury and is fading fast, the only way to save him and Pelamar from fading away is to construct the Veeton pieces at the Veetacore house, only Rodey drops his rucksack containing the last Veeton piece down a chasm.moreless
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: The Great Battle
    Jenny is being held captive by the evil Charn, but Gorwen returns from his journey to rescue her after recieving a message hidden inside her scarf and prepares to do battle with Charn, meanwhile Scott, Amanda and Boris obtain a clue from the waterfall of words on what to do next in their quest 'The uphill climb will take much time. If you must be quick, find the arch of brick. Go in, if you dare! Beware! Beware!'.moreless
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: The Waterfall Of Words
    As Gorwen prepares himself for his battle to save himself and Pelamar from vanishing for good, the waterfall of words gives the gang a very important message 'No-one can face Charn and live, Only Gorwen has a chance', again the gang must use word magic to save the day.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: Jenny's Scarf
    The Widgets steal Boris's magic rucksack, Amanda manages to recover the it from the Widgets but gets herself lost in the deep snow, meanwhile Morris knits Jenny a special scarf, but only after permission has been granted from the evil one, Charn.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: Clues In The Snow
    Boris and Amanda claim the first Veeton piece from inside the book tree, Boris videocalls Doris inside the Veetcore only to be interrupted by the evil one Charn, who has returned to Pelamar and now knows the location of the first Veeton piece.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: Word Magic
    Gorwen and Scott search for their missing friend Rodey, meanwhile Amanda and Boris try to retrieve the missing Veeton piece that the Widgets have hidden inside the book tree.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: The First Veeton
    The gang arrive in the land of Widge, only to find it populated by the Widgets, who are not making their quest for the Veetons very easy.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: Flight to Widge
    In their search for the missing veeton pieces Jenny, Scott, Amanda and Gorwen travel across the mountains to the mysterious land of Widge.
  • Through The Dragon's Eye: The Dragon From Pelamar
    Scott, Jenny and Amanda are invited through the mural by the dragon Gorwen, who asks for their help in order to save the land of Pelamar.