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Aired Unknown Jul 01, 1992 on TELETOON
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Fresh from a actors' audition for "Happy Days: The Next Generation", Lookwell starts to become involved in a mystery of missing car thefts, much to the dismay of the police who believe it is their case, which it is.

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  • Just so funny you'll laugh till you die from running out air!

    This is one of the greatest television peices ever made in all time! The jokes are just downright nutty, the drama meeting comedy plot was great and if they had made more episodes of this series, I would compare every other show to this one and then no other show would be any good.

    Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel, how did you ever come up with this? It is something that every single time you watch it you laugh till you cry, not one joke was unfunny and the plot was like a movie or a one hour detective show.

    I wish that Conan would make like 5 more episodes of this then put them all on dvd so people could see how great this was!

    A wonderful pilot, should've been on the air for many a year.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Actor 1: Hey, I remember Banacek. That was a great show!
      Lookwell: No, I wasn't Banacek. That was George Peppard. I was Bannigan.
      Actor 2: Branigan?
      Lookwell: No, that was Hugh O'Brian. I was Bannigan.
      Actor 1: You had the black secretary?
      Lookwell: No, that was Mannix. I had a sheepdog.
      Actors 1 and 2: Right!

    • Lookwell: (Talking about his canceled show to Jason, a young actor) Of course we could've gone a fourth season, but I felt my character had said all it had to say.
      Jason: How did the network feel?
      Lookwell: Similar.

    • Jason: (After figuring out that the auto shop wasn't involved in the car thefts) So the auto shop wasn't involved in the string of car thefts?
      Lookwell: Good to see you catch up with the rest of us, Jason.
      (Jason gives a confused look )

    • Lookwell: (Advising young actors) Remember, be a thinking actor.

    • Lookwell: (Advising young actor) You never waste time, Jason, time wastes you.

    • Lookwell: (Talking to his secretary) Did you do that shopping I asked you to do?
      Hyacinthe: I tried, but the store said they don't make that hairspray anymore.
      Lookwell: Those fools!

    • Lookwell: (talking to police detective) Perhaps if you watched a little bit more television you'd be better at your job.

    • Lookwell: (during a police chase) I'm not a car thief! I'm an actor! Follow me!

    • Manny: Hey, don't paint the bumper, man!
      Lookwell: Oh, all right. It's all the rage in... Minnesota.

    • Lookwell: (posing as a hobo at a cocktail party) Hello. I haven't a home. It's nice to be indoors. Good evening. The sidewalk is my pillow.

  • NOTES (9)

    • Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel were scared that they were going to have no more material for any episodes and admit that every joke in the premise they used in the pilot. So now they admit it was a good thing the show wasn't picked up.

    • Al Jean and Mike Reiss took Conan O'Brien onto The Simpsons writing staff, after this failed, because they felt he needed a job.

    • When this episode aired on Trio, the cable network that aired the show made a few cuts to the show, of which the reason is unknown. A version of the original episode as aired on NBC was known to be circulated by tape traders. However, due to the age, high-quality copies are very rare to come upon.

    • Total run time 22 minutes and 39 seconds.

    • In various DVD audio commentaries for The Critic, The Simpsons and Family Guy, the writers, producers, voice actors, and directors of those shows praised this episode.

    • The main title sequence goes for 00:17 seconds.

    • The only other time this episode has aired, apart from its premiere on NBC, was on Trio, the cable network, a few times around 2000-2005.

    • Thanks to being viewed on Youtube this episode has a substantial cult following.

    • When this episode aired it aired to one of the smallest audiences in NBC's sixty years of television.



      Lookwell and some other actors try out for "Happy Days: The Next Generation." This is a reference to the famous series, Happy Days and how it might have made a new series starring a new class in current date.

    • Ty Lookwell's home has a bust of Shakespeare that is identical to the one in Wayne Manor that was used to access the Bat Poles in the 1960s Batman series.

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