Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 12

Acmegeddon (1)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 06, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Mallory Mastermind, Sypher, Weathervane, and Massive have been unwillingly recruited by a mysterious alien being known as Optimatus. He orders the villains to capture the Loonatics and plant a chip in their headquarters. They did as he said. While the Loonatics battle it out with their foes, Zadavia tries to warn them of the new villian. A secret from the past will be revealed.moreless

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  • How did I see this coming?

    Ever since it was revealed that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father in the Empire Strikes Back, it seems that just about every action movie or cartoon seems to have at least one family complex. Here, the main antagonist, the one that we saw in Comet Cometh that seems to have been the one that summoned the meteor that gave the Loonatics their powers, is Zadavia's brother. The plot so far so far seems to be pretty generic, though it was pretty cool seeing most of the major villains in past episodes form up to battle against the Loonatics, although Duck rushing to get his powers back from Sypher seemed very forced in order to move the plot forward.moreless
  • not bad!

    My comment on this episode:

    I love it every minutes when I watched this episodes!

    at the beginning, Danger duck will be their guards and he told super-villians that the escape is totally impossible and that they cannot be attack, not ever again.

    althoght, Danger duck didn't know that it was Octomatus who help super-villians escaped by sucked into a wormhole.

    After super-villians being sucked into a wormhole and they finally met Octomatus at last and he asked them to do his dirty work.

    Now, danger duck..he is so funny when he thought that he is in deep trouble!

    Few loonatics invesigation to find out how they escape and mastermind were able to enter their headquarter by using danger duck's face.

    They hacked everything. Loonatics find themself in a stick situation and fight against the old foes and loonatics were so close to taste the defeat.

    Sypher has stole danger duck's power again and use it against danger duck.

    Octomatus is very mad and find that super-villians didn't do his dirty work and bring them into a wormhole once again and danger duck determined not to let Syper out of his sight, he want his powers back.

    In the end, Zodvida reveal to us that Octomatus is her brother!

    I was so shocked to hear that! I didn't expects that they share the same power and everything! When it enters my mind and I want to learn more about them!

    overrall, this episode is good after all. I rated this episode to be 9.4. That is all.moreless
  • this was a cool episode it was funny and it had alot of action .i just hope people will see how good this cartoon is and look at it of not bieng looney tunes and being loonatics.moreless

    this cartoon is awsome i like the fact that zadavia has a evil brother and put the loonatics in a bad case of what to do\\\'s and poor danger always trying to play hero gets him in trouble with the bad guys i can\\\'t wait to see the next half of acmegeddon.
  • Amazing episode. Danger Duck is probally having his fill of bad guys right about now.

    A wormhole come in and takes away all the villians while Danger Duck was on watch. Optimas wants to capture the Loonatic\'s and with help of the other villians he get\'s all but Danger and Rev. So now it\'s up to them to save the day. When they get attacked at headquarters by Mastermind, Weathervane, and Massive they find out where there friends are and start looking. Sypher steals Duck\'s power and is about to steal the other\'s too. Rev distracts him long enough for Duck to type in the code and break the other\'s free. The other\'s come, and the Loonatic\'s escape. The bad guys are sucked back into the wormhole. Duck wanting his power back also hitches a ride. It probally wasn\'t a very good idea, cause now he\'s a prisioner, not just to the four escaped prisioners, but to Optimas. No telling what\'s going to happen next, but I hope he get\'s out of there, alive.moreless
  • The Loonatics take on old foes and Zadavia\'s brother.

    I like this ep. Not only was it funny, but it contained two secrets. (1) Tech and Mallory shared the same locker. Then their combination was used as a deactivation code for the Loonatics\' prison. We might have a Tech/Mallory shipper. (2) The villain from \"The Comet Cometh\" is revealed to be Optimatus, Zadavia\'s brother. Zadavia finally shows herself. This is the biggest historic moment since Wade showed up in the flesh (KP). Maybe how the Loonatics came together will be revealed in part 2. Sorry to Tech girls, but Tech is taken by Mallory Mastermind, super villain evil genius.moreless
Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson

Mallory Mastermind

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Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco


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Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Man at Zoo

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Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

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Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Optimatus is explaining the plan to Weather Vane, Sypher, Mastermind, and Massive, at one shot his white highlight vanished.

    • Sypher never gave the zoo animals back their abilities!

    • In the episode "Sypher" Tech had said that Sypher had only stolen Ace and Rev's powers, not their natural abilities. In this episode, Sypher took the natural abilities of the animals.

    • When Duck is in the elevator calling to the others, the image then focuses to Ace, Lexi, and DUCK standing next to Slam as he spun Massive in the air. Then, after Slam throws Massive at the other bad guys, we see him with Ace, Lexi, Tech, and Rev.

    • It doesn't make sense that Weathervane would be one of the imprisioned villains. When the Loonatics defeated her, she evaporated. Zadavia confirmed this, telling them there was no sign of her.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Mallory: (as she and Tech face-off at the zoo) You're still the same old wind-bag, Fido. Which reminds me... (blows dust at Tech)

    • Mallory: The security shields I built activate when you try using your powers.
      Tech: Prisoners Specific Defenses? Nice.
      Mallory: I try, and unless you know the deactivation code, nothing could get in or out of that cell.

    • Duck: In fact, you're all wasting your time if you're hoping to bust out.
      Mallory: Shall I calculate the odds on that?

    • Mastermind: Care for another round, Loonatics?
      Lexi: I'm gonna wipe the shine right off that head!

    • Weathervane: You let (The Loonatics) escape?
      Sypher: Relax, weathergirl. I'm handling it! (Lexi blasts him into a wall) See?

    • Duck: (To Sypher) You can look, but don't touch!

    • (After Zadavia comes to the Loonatics, in person)
      Ace: Hey Zadavia, something about that guy looked familiar.
      Zadavia: I'm not surprised. After all, he is my brother.
      (The Loonatics are shocked)
      Ace: Oh brother!
      Lexi: Well, every family has its problems.

    • Weathervane: Never let a boy do a weather girl's job!

    • (After Duck got his powers stolen by Sypher)
      Ace: Duck! Get to the keypad!
      Duck: Can't a duck recover from an injury?

    • (About the location of the other Loonatics)
      Rev: Focus! Focus! Think think think!
      Duck: What did you get?
      Rev: A headache.

    • (After Danger Duck and Rev enter the headquarters, Danger Duck notices that all the computer are screwy)
      Duck: Who forgot to pay the satellite bill?

    • (After Danger Duck scans his face to get into headquarters)
      Computer: Access denied! Facial scan of Danger Duck is a duplicate.
      Duck: What?! What do you mean duplicate? Listen you over-grown ATM! When they made this kisser, they broke the mold. Now open this door now or else..
      (Rev scans his face and the door opens; Danger Duck not knowing this)
      Duck: See the kind of respect I demand? Even the computers are afraid of me.

    • (Mastermind puts on a disguise of Danger Duck)
      Weathervane: Now that's a look for you!
      Mastermind: Can it Weather Vane, or your forecast won't be pretty.

    • Duck: WAIT! There is only one known force that could of done this... termites!
      Rev: Or a wormhole.

    • (Ace shoots laser eyes at the underground prison and it bounces all around, finally burning Ace's ears)
      Ace: I didn't know it was time for a "hare" cut.

    • (Mastermind blows dust at Tech)
      Tech: What is that? Mega-dandruff from your mega-head?

    • (Massive puts Ace on the ground with his gravitational force)
      Massive: Well look at that, he's kissing the ground I walk on!
      Ace: Never on the first date!

    • Sypher: I not only got close and personal with the animals, I got their powers too! The kangaroos hop, the falcons speed, and the grizzly bears strength!
      Ace: And eventently the Yaks smell, and the dogs breath!

    • Sypher: Don't you love it, being close and personal with the animals?
      Lexi: I hope your not giving them fleas!

    • Sypher: Yeah look! It's the Losertics!

    • Duck: I don't do partners.
      Rev: Then what about a sidekick? Lots of heroes have sidekicks!

    • Duck: Fear not! I shall track those crimin-in-inals and sever justice, duck style! With a side of melted cheese!
      Ace: Eh, I don't think so.
      Duck: But my cheese will get cold.
      Lexi: This is just another sad plan to kiss-up to Zadavia and hog all the glory.
      Duck: Yeah, and your point is?

    • Duck: (about the villians escaping) They escaped on my watch... I'm doomed!

    • Duck: (about the villians escaping) You can't escape! I'm guarding you!

    • Announcer: These prisoners will be guarded by one of the courageous members of the Loonatics.
      (Danger Duck walks through the sliding doors)

    • Ace: That's it?! Mastermind's locker combination?
      Tech: We shared one in college. It's... well, it's a long story...

  • NOTES (8)


    • Episode Title: Acmegeddon

      The term "Acmegeddon" is a play on "Armageddon", which I think means the end of the world. The end of the world is what Optimatis/Optimatus was trying to bring about.