Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 13

Acmegeddon (2)

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM May 13, 2006 on The CW

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  • Kind of epic.

    It seems that this episode tried fitting in a lot of last minute themes that a lot of season finale episodes would include, such as the hurt of loss (Ace presumably dying but escaping his death), the ambitious and power hungry antagonist (Zodavia's brother Optimatus), the destruction of the world (Acmetropolis being shredded into pieces by the warp), conflict within the enemy group, among other things. The episode overall was kind of epic, but it slightly went over all of these themes, not really going deep into any of them that they became quite predictable. It would have been better if it were stretched out into another episode. Zodavia battling against her brother was kind of cool though.
  • Ace and Lexi

    Finally! The answer to the long-posed question, "Do Ace and Lexi like each other?"! I hope they don't take it too over-the-top in furture episodes, but it's nice to be able to sleep at night again (lol). Just kidding. I doubt they will, because (hello!) this is an ACTION show, not a soap or anything. All the same, I'm very happy for them. My whole family cheered when Ace came back and Lexi hugged him, then laughed when she came to her senses and hit him instead. A GREAT conclusion to a GREAT two-part episode! A definite must-watch! GO LOONATICS!
  • The season finale is the bomb!!

    My comment on this season finale episode:

    This episode is so good! After Zodvida revealed her past to us and soon we learned more about Zodvida and her brother. I finally beging to understand what happening to high council in her planet.

    That her brother is so evil and very thirst for the power. high council disagrees with her brother and went for Zodvida.

    Her past somehow got me thinking how this loonatics started. Soon I learned that it was her brother who sent this huge rock toward their world and gave loonatics a great powers.

    Now, loonatics and Zodvida set out into outer space to rescue Danger Duck and stop Octomatus from sucking Acmetropolis into a giant wormhole and making it vanish into another galaxy.

    Danger duck was held in the prison and he has to pretend that he is thirsty for the water and Octomatus' soilder willing to give it to him and Danger duck got himself set free from the prison.

    He went to get his power back.

    Soon everyone started to learn what Octomatus' plan, super-villians vowed not to let him to make that happens, but he send them back to Acmetropolis.

    Zodvida decides to pick the battle with her brother and tried to hold him off and Loonatics tried to stop their world from sucking into a wormhole and vanish into another galaxy.

    But, wormhole has come back for Zodavida's brother and his soilders.

    Everyone were managed to escape from that wormhole and safely returned to their world after all.

    Octomatus vowed the revenge agains his sister. Well, I don't think he will ever come back. the threats is completely gone.

    Overrall, this episode deserves to be 10.0! That's what I'm thinking of!

  • Danger Duck really proved his heroism in this episode.

    Zadvia finally reveals her past to the Loonatic\'s. And, soon their on a mission to save Duck. Duck tries to get his powers back from Sypher, it fails, and he\'s put under guard by one of Optimas\'s robots. The other Loonatics are being attacked and Zadvia gets captured. Danger Duck on the other hand tricks his robot guard by asking for water. The robot gives him water, and Duck throws it on him once the guard is close enough to the electrical bars. Later, Duck frees Zadvia and ruins her brother\'s plan, which is to suck Acmetroplis into a wormhole. This was a total Danger Duck episode. He is by far the coolest of the Loonatics.
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