Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 17, 2007 on The CW
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Landing on the island of Apocalypso, the Loonatics find a colony of beautiful, powerful women called the Apocazons led by Queen Athena. Queen Athena was impressed by Lexi's behavior towards Duck, and invites her to join them in a very special event.

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  • This episode is NOT a hoax folks. Don't believe me *cough*try searching for apocalypso on dailymotion*cough*.

    This episode is a Lexi episode through and through and I must admit this plot had twists and turns everywhere. Danger duck was an amusing salesman as his ancestor was. The tech and Rev argument was amusing and the fight scenes, though few, were good. The main problem I had with it is that there was no villain in this episode and therefore a lost chance for more good action. Ace Bunny and Danger Duck dressed up in Lexi's shoes and they looked ridiculous, even though they didn't sound all that bad. The ending though funny may have put some wacky suggestions in people's minds.moreless
  • Haven't seen it, but the name changed???

    I think the real title for this episode for this is Nega Love...first it was \"Nega Love\" then now it\'s \"TBA\"? Hey now! I got the info from wikipedia


    There\'s a total of 26 episodes of Loonatics: Unleashed in total and still counting probrably as it was previously 24 episodes in total.
  • 'Nega Love'? Say WHAT?

    'Nega Love'? 'Rose Bud'? Tech, Rev, and Duck all falling for the same girl? I can only think of two conclusions:

    1. WB went insane, and not in a good way, and stole fan ideas, or,

    2. someone else obviously went insane, and not in a good way, and stole fan ideas. And smushed them together. Like a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

    This is a hoax - if it isn't, (which I highly doubt) WB's lost their minds. And exploded. Or they've been kidnapped by a fangirl. An insane one who made a really bad episode. Need proof of that?

    First of all, what's with the date? Febuary 6th is NOT a Saturday. It's a...a Tuesday, I think. And the next Saturday Feburary 6th is in 2010. As much as I'd like it to be, Loonatics Unleashed probably isn't going to be airing that long.

    Second, 'Nega Love'? I once saw a fanart (note the word FAN in the word FANart) titled 'Nega Rev'. Coincidence? You wish.

    Also, this 'Rose Bud' just seems to Mary-Sue-ish too me. I've seen TWO characters that were nearly EXACTLY like her. TWO. Also, note that I wrote 'characters' in plural.

    And what about the plotline? The Loonatics meet a girl, and Tech, Rev, and Duck ALL fall for her? I've actually READ a fanfiction (note the word FAN in FANfiction) where that happened. And I have proof of it exsisting, even if it's not on a website. Seriously.moreless
  • This is just a prank pulled by some immature kid looking for an ego trip. This ISN'T a real episode.

    It's really sickening to think about it. It's nothing more than said prank, and I'm positive I know who pulled it. Even if I'm wrong, whoever posted it should have points off their account or account deleted or whatever. I find it highly suspicious that the air date and the suspect's birthday are the same day. Saturday February 6th isn't until 2010. Unfortunately, I doubt Loonatics will be airing at that point, but it's nice to dream.

    Anyways, I also find it funny that said suspect has a fan art with the word "Nega" in the title, and then THIS pops up. Not to mention a character in the next art and an alleged "character" from the "episode" have nearly the same name.

    This was just a cry for attention from some desperado looking for an ego trip. This was the WRONG way to get it. It's called www.fanfiction.net ,and it's where you go to post your fanfictions. Not here.moreless
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