Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 2

Attack of the Fuzz Balls

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2005 on The CW
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A new Bio-pet is the ultimate craze in Acmetropolis. But once the Fuz-Zs start to eat chocolate, the Loonatics are called in to investigate.

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  • Giant Fuzz balls.........*sarcastic*Really exciting....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh,please.Fuzz balls turning into scary monsters??????*laughs*How much more boring can you get??????Oh,yeah,sure it was kind of exciting......if you still watch Barney.LU,this episode made me laugh......AT you,not with you.This is the kind of crap a show like SPIDER RIDERS would make.I should have changed the channel.......if there had been something better on at the time.Ace,I know how you feel......you are a pathetic excuse for a superhero if you get beaned by a such-a-pathetic-excuse-for-a-monster fuzz ball.Even a baby could come up with better bad guys than those losers.Losers.Yes,I said it.Losers.They were crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap.moreless
  • Meh, barely decent.

    Very very average episode, in fact I've seen this type of episode archetype in just about every single action cartoon similar to this one. Way too predictable from the get go, didn't offer any semblance of mystery and it basically just ran through its course. Usually in episodes it makes you question a lot of things, here I was just simply watching the episode. The action itself was pretty average, it was nothing really special actually other than the opening sequence with Ace training. There weren't that much fights with the Loonatics and the fuzzballs other than one. If this episode tried doing a better job of hiding the fact that the fuzzballs were the source of the threat without giving it away from the very beginning of the episode, this would have been a much better watch.moreless
  • A new fad called Fuzz-Z's are in Acmetropolis but when they become huge monsters after eating choclate The Loonatics have to stop them.

    This isn't exactlly my favorite episode in the series. While I liked the action and the comedy especially in the end the plot wasn't very good in my opinion. A bunch of cute fuzz balls who become monsters when they eat choclate I thought was rediculous and not very good in my opinion. I'm not sure why I don't like it but it jut didn't feel right for some reason I don't know. I'm not saying that this episode was bad or anything as I liked the action scenes but the plot of the episode just didn't appeal to me much.moreless
  • Another bad episode? Loonatics is not off to a good start.

    Alright, so "Loonatics On Ice" was basically dull, had relatively bad animation here and there, and to top it off it was just not funny. And believe me this one is worse than the first episode. So the plot is pretty much the same as in the horror/comedy Gremlins. Cute creatures suddenly turn into one mess of ugly when consuming...chocolate(scary huh?). This episode was bad in the way that this too wasn't funny at all. But that's not the most important thing I expect from this series. I want action, and lots of it, when it's done correctly, that is. I guess this episode first tried to be horror oriented, then switched to silly action with some bad jokes on top. I know it sounds like I absolutely hated the episode and that I couldn't find any qualities in it. But there were one or two somewhat entertaining moments. You may have noticed I've given this episode a 4.5 rating. Well, that's just me being really nice and because I know things can only get better from now on.moreless
  • This episode wasn't their greatest...but it was still pretty good.

    Things that tranform when they eat chocolate? Come on. How scientifically inaccurate can you get? Plus they were ugly. They needed fluffy tails, not reat tails. They'd be cute with fluffy tails!

    Off the tails. I felt sorry for that little boy, and still do. He just wanted to share with it, and the darned thing tries to eat HIM instead! Fuz-Z's are ugly. Oh, I've already said that.

    Poor Duck, jsut when things swing his way, it turns out it's evil. Sorry, Duck. Not today. Slam tried to eat a Fuz-Z... that was NOT right... nor would it have been tasty.

    ^^;; I put 10 the first time. I meant 7.moreless

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