Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 5

Going Underground

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 2005 on The CW

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  • Pretty good.

    Seeing Slam play a major role in this episode was pretty nice to see, I liked the action in this episode better than the previous ones. The concept of the goldem grunts was pretty neat, even though they were defeated they were able to reconstruct their destroyed parts by forming with other rocks, Slams battles against them were pretty fun to watch and he even saved the Loonatics from death when they were thrown off the cliff. So far I also like the concept that the Loonatics use a combination of superpowers and technology, usually action cartoons concentrate on one or the other (like Superman and Batman). What I really didn't like in the episode though was that the main villain really didn't offer much outside of setting up the plot of the episode, it was mostly the golems he sent out to destroy the Loonatics. Plus it ended in an atypical "The world is saved and everyone is happy again" fashion.
  • Dr. Dare steals the Jade Serpent and plans to turn Acmetropolis inside out! He is obsessed with the lithosphere. Ace throws a rock monster on Slam! Tech gets fried! Rev makes the monsters crush each other! Lexi blasts them (duh)! OH, THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!

    Enough of my demented rambling. Anyways, I liked this episode because it sort of centered around Tech (mah fave). I loved the part where he goes "Oh, fine!", sticks his ears in the outlet and touches the plug and gets his a-wordy dirt FRIED like KFC. This episode was really funny, and WB doesn't show it enough (as with Acmegeddon). WB doesn't make me happy...but Loonatics Unleashed does!