Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 Episode 3

I Am Slamacus

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 07, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Pierre Le Pew convinces Slam and Duck that Slam can become a champion fighter in his private tournament. However, he fails to tell them that the last match is to the death. It's up to the rest of the Loonatics to save Slam before it's too late.moreless

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  • Loyal Temmate

    This episod made like Slam for his loyalty.Tech,Duck, Rev and Ace are still my favorite
  • The Loonatics take on Pierre Le Pew, a promoter in illegal fights. Slam gets invited to his Max Arena to become the new contender. The Loonatics have to save him and stop Pierre before Slam gets finished.moreless

    I really liked this episode. Pierre showed that he is like his ancestor. He tried to hit on Lexi, but ended up rejected. Plus, he smells like his ancestor. What was his cologne? Eau de Skunk? He may have been a villain but he was pretty cute and HANDSOME. I hope we get to see him again. Plus, the villains made cameo again as Tech searched for Pierre's file. So far, they have been showing the cameos twice. It might be a sign that the villains of season 1 may come back this season. I hope to see Mallory again.moreless
Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Pierre Le Pew

Guest Star

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Additional Voices

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Phil Morris

Phil Morris

Additional Voices

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Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Duck mentions he has a sister.

    • Pierre Le Pew might be a decendent of Pepe Le Pew. However, Pepe was clearly a skunk in the Looney Tunes and Pierre is clearly a human not a skunk although he does smell like one. (response: He wasn't Pepe's decendent, he just acts like him)

    • Why did the Loonatics try to match Pierre to the past villains when he didn't resemble any of them?

      Relpy: they were looking through the "wanted" list. It had nothing to do with the past villains being involved.

    • When Slam first started the fight, the little red guy was beating him up. But when he returned that same siza he was weak, then he kicked that Pierre's leg and was strong again.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Tech: Rev, you're supposed to be dressed as a fan, not a yodeler.

    • Lexi: I can't believe this Rev we've circled the globe, first you drag us to colossal canyon, then back to junglonia, now here? What's up with that?
      Rev: My GPS is precisely pin piont perfect, right on the money after you take it out from the bank.
      Ace: So where is this floatin' arena?
      Rev: It should be arriving at these precise co-ordinates in exactly 3.4 seconds.
      (arena appears)
      Tech: That was not precisely 3.4 seconds.
      Rev: Actually it was 3.4 seconds if you adjusted to the time space shift.

    • Ace: Duck, help Slam get that tiger.
      Duck: Figures. Send a bird to catch a cat.

    • Ace: Ooh. Somethin' smells fishy.
      Lexi: More like a skunk if you ask me.

    • Duck: (After getting slimed) Urgh...cleanup on aisle duck!

    • Duck: (To Slam) Now remember, you're doing this for money, for respect, for me, for respect of me and money!

    • Pierre: I'd love to see the girl bunny in action... especially ze pretty one like you.
      Lexi: I'm a little busy here, Pal.
      Pierre: You can never be too busy for love, Mon Cher. Mwuh! Mwuh! Mwuh!
      Lexi: Ewwww.

    • Rev: ...IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE YODELING!! (starts to yodel)
      Tech: (grabs Rev's beak) Don't.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Character: Pierre Le Pew

      His attributes and accent is similar to Pepe Le Pew.

    • Character: Gorlop

      When he gets bigger, he looks similar to Gossamer. Also the Planet Gossamer is after his Looney Tunes ancestor.

    • The episode title is a reference to the famous line "I am Spartacus" from the film "Spartacus." The episode also revolves around a gladitorial arena, as did that film.

    • Lexi calls an escaped diplodocus, "Gertie", an allusion to "Gertie the Dinosaur", one of the very first cartoon characters created.

    • The Green Globinator is modeled after Slimer from the first "Ghostbusters" movie, and subsequent animated series.

    • One of the fighters Slam faced had three heads. Much like Triple Threat from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward". Ironically enough, the episode "Triple Threat" made an appearance was a week before this episode premered.