Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 Episode 8

It Came From Outer Space

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 10, 2007 on The CW

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  • Wonderful episode! Melvin the Martian shows up as a solid villain, and Lexi proves that she's more than just a pretty face!

    This is easily one of the best written episodes of the second season, and I'm not a person easy to please, especially when the portrayal of my favorite character is in the balance. I had half feared Marvin's descendant might come off as weak or typically lame, and would not be nearly as threatening, innovative, or entertaining as Marvin had been in his old cartoon shorts or Commander X-2 had been in "Duck Dodgers". The fact that they gave the Martian here the predictable name "Melvin" as well as the premise of him planning on shrinking buildings seemed to scream of lazy writing. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Melvin's debut and characterization. And his motive for his plan was explained satisfactory. Though Melvin did come off as a somewhat younger version, probably because of a naive streak in him combined with an unhealthy obsession with playing games. Sargent Sirius, Melvin's robotic version of Lieutenant K-9 was a cute addition as well. Loonatics Unleashed has demonstrated stronger writing and storylines these days, and "It Came From Outer Space" is one of the better ones so far. For one thing, we finally got a villain that was genuinely provoked into attacking. True it was an accident, but it's a refreshing break from villains who are just evil because they feel like being evil or who make up bogus claims that the system screwed them over somehow and thus they deserve revenge over everyone within spitting range. Joe Alaskey is absolutely superb as Melvin the Martian and did Marvin justice with a delivering of classic lines that for once did not sound forced. While the "Yes you will/no you won't gag" was still corny in my view, it wasn't nearly as annoying as when it was first done in "Loonatics on Ice". Also, the gag involving the Loonatics being banged around as they were being brought aboard as well as the gag with Duck's beak was cleverly done, the latter being something I did not see coming at all! Nice job on all parts!

    However, I must admit the absolute best part of this episode is the character development of some of the Loonatics. Especially in Lexi. Now, I don't mind Lexi this season as much as I did when she first appeared in season one when all she did was fight and make sterotypical remarks. However, there was also not much to admire about her in season 2 for a while either. Yeah, she still has great fighting skills, but then so do the rest of the team. Other times, she was always agreeing with Ace and berating Duck for a transgression, real or imaginary. This time we get to see Lexi in a whole new light. Not only do we find out that she's an excellent gamer, but that she also has her own sense of honor and duty, that doesn't always corrospond with Ace's view, as seen when she chooses to sacrifice her freedom despite her friends' objections, even when they came to rescue her. And it was also cool to see Lexi save the day by herself for once and shows that she has the potential to become a weapons expert if it were ever needed.

    Another nice point is that Tech, the resident Loonatic with the superpower ability to whip out a gadget for any occasion, wasn't utilized into produceing some fantastic gizmo that just easily overwhelms the enemy.("Luckily, I have my Anti-Invasion Reversal Ray 9-Million for just such an occasion if the planet were ever invaded by hostile aliens"). Tech was outpowered on this one in the technology department, so it was clear that the Loonatics were on their own for the most part. Rev displays his mischevious side, and it also seems Ace has finally gained a personality flaw. He allowed himself to be blinded by emotion, willing to start a war that could potentially destroy the planet in an effort to save Lexi's freedom (though I'm sure there are those who would argue that that's a nobel quality. Not me).

    The only problem I had with this episode is the portrayal of Duck. Danger Duck has been turning into a major jerk these last few episodes. And he somehow lacks the charm that Daffy Duck or even Duck Dodgers had to make the audience forgive all his thoughtless words and actions. Probably because he didn't realy get a comeuppance for what he did other than getting glared at. When Daffy acted like a jerk, he paid for it big time. I hope the show does not continue with this trend, otherwise, I have no idea why the Loonatics would still put up with him at this point. When your own teammate is willing to sell three of your friends to an enemy, seems like you might want to reconsider working alongside him. Meanwhile, the mystery of Zadavia's disappearance off the face of the planet continues to remain unsolved. . .