Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 1

Loonatics on Ice

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 2005 on The CW
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An extremely large iceberg appears and threatens to put Acmetropolis into a new Ice Age. It's up to the Loonatics to save the city before it's frozen over. Who is behind this extreme disaster and why?

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  • As a stand alone episode, pretty good, as a pilot episode, not so.

    For a long time this show has intrigued me. I don't know why, probably because I somewhat enjoyed the acme cartoons when I was younger. Seeing the cartoon characters being derived from the original acme cast and slotting them into your atypical action hero cast; Ace the most well rounded and the leader; Lexi the lead female; Danger Duck the goofy and most of the time unhelpful member who has a running gag of being unnoticed; Tech who is great with technology; Slam the illiterate but strongest member; and Rev Runner, the speedy member who doesn't like to waste time.

    All of the characters stay true to their roots and their great chemistry shows in this pilot episode. One thing that goes unnoticed in action cartoons that is absent a lot of times in anime is awesome character chemistry, Loonatics Unleashed so far is no exception. What brings this episode down is that as a fifth or sixth episode, this would be a pretty good episode. As a pilot episode it fails to do several things such as allowing us to feel around the shows' universe and get a gist of things. By the episodes end it sort of accomplished that but most of the time it felt like the show was already assuming that I know what is going on.moreless
  • The Loonatics have to stop a group of robot vikings fron completley freezing Acmetropolis.

    This wasn't the first episode I had in mind but I still liked it Something that suprised me was that there was a Wilie E Coyote and Tazmanian Devil descendant in the team of heroes but I guess not all future descendants are gonna be evil and actually Tech became my second favorite Loonatic. The action was good as well as the comedy and though many argue about this Ace using the "What's Upp Doc" line and yes/no argument just shows he's Bugs Bunny's descendant so it may be a family thing. Though not the best episode this was still a good pilot episode.moreless
  • This episode is pretty good.. Being the first episode i saw it is pretty good.

    being the first episode that i saw in thise series it is pretty good.. Duck is pretty funny although he still does not know what name he wants. The powers that they have is pretty cool. The characters that came too freeze everything were pretty cool as well. I really liked the gadgets that loonatics have got. Poor Danger Duck he needs to have a bit more of inteligence. I liked how that character are and how they look. I still want to find out in which year they are. I know that are after the year of 2700 but not exactly the date...moreless
  • Not a good way to start an otherwise great series.

    The producers were a bit foolish by showing this as the first episode because it simply is not very good. After this episode aired, critics butchered the show and called it a "monstrosity" and "too cry over". I don't think this episode was that bad, but it certainly didn't have many great moments. In fact, most jokes fell flat and the action was, well not very good. The animation mixed between decent and horrible, and then I'm refering to the action scenes near the end which just was a complete mess all over. Too fast and frantic. The voice actors does a good job with the exception of Charlie Schlatter which gives Ace a terribly annoying voice. But I have learned to accept it and it's no "biggie" really. All in all a disappointing episode that was followed by a worse episode. Yes, I'm talking about "Attack of the Fuzz Balls". But I'll get to that later.moreless

    Mutant bad guys on the rise

    Cuttin' our city down to size!

    And I can't remember the rest cuz I suck. Anyways, I was like KOODOOD! The Vikings blew up! So they died! MUHA! It ain't anime, it ain't supposed to be, it ain't LT, it ain't supposed to be, QUIT YOUR GRIPING! It wouldn't be any fun if it was LT.

    Actually LU got me interested in LT! So they probably made LT sales go up! YAY BUGS! -wants a plushie- Must have LU plushie... -turns into a zombie- crap, they don't sell those yet...OH! The episode!

    The episode was fun and educational- it taught me if Vikings try to take over the city, to just ELECTROCUTE 'em!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When the Loonatics were frozen, most of them were trying to support Ace Bunny, who was on the floor. In the next shot however, he is suddenly standing up on the far left.

    • Why are Tech and Rev on the same team? Tech's ancestor, Wile E. Coyote, tried to catch eat Rev's ancestor, Road Runner. The same goes for Slam's ancestor, Taz, who tried to eat Ace and Duck's ancestors, Bugs and Daffy. And yet Rev trusts Tech and Ace and Duck trust Slam? (reply: Whatever their ancestors had with each other, has nothing to do with the Loonatics' relationships. They probably don't even know that fact.)

    • Tech's latest gadget(s): Retro-fire Master Blasters: "Hold it in the palm of your hand, squeeze twice and..." it turns into a huge gun that can melt anything.
      Hoverbikes: They look like futuristic motorcycles, but wings and rockets help it to fly.
      Misironic destabilizing gravity disks: Small explosive disks

    • Tom Kenny, known for his role on "Spongebob Squarepants" voices Gunnar in this episode, and one of Gunnar's henchvikings. At one point, the henchviking says, "The bunny is back." This could be referring to an episode of "Spongebob", where Spongebob says, "The squirrel is back." in the same tone.

    • When the vikings where turning the Loonatics to ice they were on the floor but when you see them again they are standing.

    • Tech takes one slice of pizza, but when he shows it to Ace, it's a full pizza

      (Reply- That piece was shoved in Rev's mouth earlier. After Rev walked away, he tapped the pizza and THEN showed it to Ace.)

    • Tech thinks the cold pizza is from Iceland, but Greenland is the one covered in snow. Iceland is really a forest-covered island.

    • If Rev Runner were to get Pizza from Iceland with no traffic it would take him 4.2 seconds.

    • These are the special abilities and powers the Loonatics have.

      Ace- Laser Vision and Optical Enhancement.

      Lexi- Sonic Hearing, Brain Blast and Auditory Amplifier.

      Danger- Power of orb randomizer and Quantum quack.

      Spaz- Tornado maximizer and Thunder Mode.

      Tech- Magnetism activated and Molecular regeneration.

      Rev- Sonic Speed and Global Positioning.

    • The names Danger Duck tried to change to were: Thunder Duck, Super Dooper Duck, Daredevil Duck, Dancing Duck, Dazzling Duck and the Duckinator. Although Zadavia ends the discussion to change his name, she seems to indicate that "Danger" was the first name he picked. But in the end, all of this seems to be a waste of time, as she and the Loonatics always refers to him as "Duck".

    • Tech invented a new weapon: The Retro Fire Master Blaster, squeeze twice and it becomes a huge blaster.

    • When Tech picked up one of the Ice Vikings helmets it turned red, in the next scene he was holding it and it was blue.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Tech: (About the pizza) Now that's cold. Where'd you get it? Iceland?
      Rev: Actually, no. I just picked it up at a pizza joint down town, which I must say is abnormally cold for this time of day. However, if you want a pizza from Iceland, I could get it in exactly 4.2 seconds flat, not counting traffic.
      (Tech shoves a slice of pizza into Rev's mouth)
      Tech: That was one of those questions that didn't require an answer.

    • Gunnar: We're here to take over your world.
      Ace: You know, you frosted flakes might as well go back to where you came from, because this is a "no invasion" zone.

    • Duck: You can't be flabby when you're, "The Duckinator".
      Ace: Yesterday you were calling youself "Super-duper Duck".
      Duck: Nah, it wasn't really rolling off the tonuge. Beside, I need a name that will fit on the costume.
      Ace: How about, uh, Duck?
      Duck: Very funny.

    • Gunnar: Time to chill out, Bunny!

    • Gunnar: I am Gunnar!
      Ace: "Gonna" what? Go to the viking convention at the civic centre?

    • Duck: Daredevil Duck thanks you.
      Lexi: Pick a name already!

    • Duck: I could have busted you out if I had time to think!
      Ace: We had seconds, not hours!

    • Ace Bunny: Nice move, Tech! That oughta earn you some good vacation time!
      Tech E. Coyote: Can I have it *now*?
      Ace Bunny: Let me think - yes, no yes - no.

    • Zodavia: I don't need to tell you what will happen if the temperature keeps dropping.
      Danger Duck:I knew it. We're goona lose cable again.
      Zodiavia: Okay ,maybe I do need to tell *you*.

    • Gunnar: We will conquer you world by any means necessary!
      Ace: No you won't.
      Gunnar: Yes we will!
      Ace: No you won't!
      Gunnar: Yes we will!
      Ace: Yes you will.
      Gunnar: No we won't conquer your world!
      Ace: Have it your way.
      Gunnar: Ooooh! I will enjoy crushing you rabbit!

    • Ace: You've outdone yourself, Tech.
      Tech: Say it. I am a genius.

    • Ace: Loonatics, Unite!

    • Gunnar the Conqueror: Let's put this city on ice.

    • Ace: Eh, what's up Zadavia? Definetly not the temperature!

    • Ace: What's up, Doc?

    • Danger: Melting ice is NOT a power! Quacking is a much better power. Observe! (Danger teleports and winds up INSIDE the ice) You can stop observing, now.

  • NOTES (6)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Lexi has her ears in a ponytail. The same way as Minamoto Usagi, from the comicbook "Usagi Yojimbo" does.

    • Rev talks alot like Blurr, from Transformers. Both are also speedsters. Also one of Rev's powers is to make a holographic map, much like Optimus Prime.

    • Character: Rev Runner

      He is the same as Road Runner, because Rev can run at high speed. Rev talks really fast, but Road Runner doesn't; all he ever say is "Beep Beep!"

    • Character: Lexi Bunny

      She is similar to Lola Bunny, because of her physical attributes and blonde hair.

    • Character: Danger Duck

      He is similar to Daffy Duck, because of his selfish and arrogant attitude. He's also considered unlucky at some time. Danger shares the same colors as Daffy's, but he doesn't share the similar trademark lisp.

    • Character: Tech E. Coyote

      Tech's "molecular regeneration" power is a tribute to his ancestor's ability to be crushed, burned, blown up, and mutilated, only to be perfectly fine seconds later. Tech also refers to himself as a genius, something Wile E. Coyote would do frequently on the rare occasions that he spoke.

    • *Ace give battleplan orders*
      Lexi: "Aye aye Skipper"

    • Character: Slam Tasmanian

      He speaks unintelligibly and spin really fast like Taz. Slam doesn't talk perfect in human language.

    • Character: Ace Bunny

      He performs Bugs Bunny's acts, such as saying "What's Up, Doc?", tricking the enemy into saying "No, I won't", and talking like his ancestor.

    • Character: Zadavia

      As a hologram who gives the Loonatics their missions, she is similar to Zordon from the Power Rangers series.

    • City: Acmetropolis
      The city's name seems based on the city of Superman, Metropolis. Though the name seems based on the city from Tiny Toon Adventures, Acme Acres