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  • More for kids than anything else

    The dialogue is terrible and many episodes are very boring, but do kids think about that? Hell no, they don't. I actually ENJOYED this show when I was younger. Now I see the many problems with it. One thing this show does accomplish, though, is attracting a certain audience, which are kids only. Better than nothing, and I'm giving it a 5 for that effort. For older people, maybe 11 and up, Loonatics Unleashed won't attract.
  • Worst Looney Tunes spin-off

    How does this bullsh*t along with Baby Looney Tunes have higher ratings then The Looney Tunes Show? The original shorts and The Looney Tunes Show are way better then both of these spin-offs and The Looney Tunes Show deserves better ratings. The Looney Tunes show haters deserve to be sent to h*ll.
  • While it does have a moment or 2, the show lacks what it takes to make a successful superhero show

    Knowing Saturday morning cartoons, it would`nt be too big of a surprise to see below average quality to viewers who desire much better plot, character and story lines. This show seemed to have a faint ember of hope at the start since the characters were based off more successful classic cartoon animals but by the end of the fifth episode, it`s clear the writers and animators definition of great is questionable.

    This show suffers under the foot of reused animation, aimless character development (if any) and unfunny comedy. When watching the show, I noticed that several scenes like the team leaving HQ and the attacks from supervillians seem to be shown more than a few times which makes the show feel like a cheap attempt to tell a cool story. While I`m not trying to be too materialistic (and I would like to point out reusing shots may work) the result cost this show some points on the scale. The repeat animation wouldn`t be a problem if the characters, both hero and villian, actually had a spine in development.

    To be direct, none of the characters feel like any effort was put into them. Due to major plot holes in every episode, it`s hard to see them evolve in any way and when the show pauses in a cliffhanger moment, you probably won`t care if they make it or not. Whenever each character has a moment on screen for themselves, it feels devoid of any remote emotion. Out of all the characters, I think Danger Duck seems to be the least transparent since he seems to act more realistically in scenarios and points out things that we find annoying about the characters or the characters jokes.

    Perhaps if more care was put in the plot, then this show would have been much greater but instead, this is one Saturday morning cartoon best forgotten.
  • This is not the real Looney Tunes

    This show has unlikable characters! This gives me nightmares!
  • I miss this show...

    Okay, so it's sort of like future looney tunes, since the main characters are descendants of the original looney tunes cartoons. And even though they're super heroes and only their personalities and quotes are similar to their ancestors (except for never breaking the fourth wall and also how dark-themed this show is), this show is actually pretty entertaining to me (my opinion!) but is not recommended for little/ younger kids due to violence. It may be a cartoon, and have several funny scenes, but may not be great for little kids. But I love this show, wish it could come back one day...
  • A show that needs to return.

    I watched the series on YouTube and I got to say it was great. Then I got to wonder why did it got cut. so I've search and found out that show was cut do to poor reviews, hate reviews, and loony tune purist retareds. I mean come on the series was not bad at all, and most people made a mad review and nevered once watched a single episode, and that make me mad, I believe that we can bring it back
  • I loved this show!

    I actually loved this show. THIS SHOW WAS SO UNDERRATED. I used to love and turn on my TV and this was on. This was great but UNDERRATED cartoon. I don't know how many people didn't like this. Great show.
  • Because it's not out yet and people already hate it. You can't tell me it sucks if you don't know anything about it except for what you read in articles. Here's a hint... (Articles are usually bias so you can't take it seriously)

    What are you people talking about? I hate the classics, most of the time, and you can't tell me this show will suck because YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT. I hope it does really well and then most of you guys can hang your heads in shame. I don't care if you agree with me or not... the fact is that none of you have seen it so you can't tell me how bad it is. That would be like throwing away an unopened Christmas present. Give it a chance or don't talk about it at all. The classics aren't always the best you know.
  • Why did they misuse the classic cartoons?!?

    OK, even though I didn't see a single episode. I still think this was a really bad idea to turn the Looney Tunes into something futuristic. Anyway, the answer is: FOR PAY! Thank goodness it got canceled! I hope the company who made it gets sued for misusing the Looney Tunes! I mean, whoever made this show IS a lunatic. This is meant to be funny, but; they had to de-humorize them! How did this junk get on the air?! Bottom Line: Could someone STOP making spin-offs of Bugs, Daffy, and friends?! They all have one thing in common: they stink! Looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review! Never watch the re-runs!
  • this is a ok cartoon show

    the show loonacts is about loontoon superheros like bugs and the others haver super powers and bugs is the leader and they they take down bad guys and and try to save the city i thought the vocies were not really the same but they were sorta. and the story lines were ok it also had some comedy like the orginal looney toons did but not as good. it was a average show ithought. this was either a miss ithoguht for wb it was average but not enough to make it a huge hit and that is why i gave it a7
  • This is a really good cartoon show. The best yet.

    This is mainly the best anime show I watched. But it feels like it needs a season 3. I read things that could make a possible season 3. The best one is on fanfic.net, and it's called prince of Mars.You should really check that out sometime. Even though the show is over, the WB made another show, but that's just turning fans of this away, isn't it? So we should bring back this show to bring back the fans of Loonatics Unleashed. And my point is that we should stand together as one to bring back the show. Check my forum for more information for what I'm doing. Thank you.
  • Kids WB,how could you do this to our childhood?


    Looney Tunes have still,and will forever be the greatest cartoon of all time. Nothing can beat it. However,looking at the past,I was on Youtube to see 3 episodes of this,but this show is just a horrible abomination,an epic fail,and should be forgotten. The horror and tragedy known as Loonatics Unleashed. This show takes place in the future,where a meteor hits Earth,and unleashes evil. So six of the Loonatics named Ace,Lexi,Slam,Danger,Rev and Tech E defend the world from evil. So where do I begin? First off,the characters are horrible and are not potrayed well. Bugs (I'm just going to call them by their original names) is not clever anymore,Daffy is not witty or crazy,Taz is still gibberish,but I feel like he's a wanna-be Eduardo from Foster's, and Wil.E is now very smart. Lola was the only good Loonatic,and had some sense into her. But by far,the worst loonatic of the show has got to go to Road Runner. He supposed to be there for comedy relief,but he is so annoying. Now I know why he can only say "Meep" in the original,because in this show,he talks WAYYY too fast,and it gets on my nerves. I wish Peter Griffin was here so that he can run over him again. Oh yeah,I forgot to mention,he and Tech.E are friends now. That's stupid,since they have been enemies their entire lives. The designs look terrible,and look nothing like the original Looney Tunes (With the exception of Daffy and Gossamer). They also have terrible voices. I mean,Bugs sounds like he's on drugs,Daffy sounds more like Goofy's son Max,Taz sounds like an obese man and Rev Runner sounds like a kid who's hyper on sugar. This show also tries to tries to bring in the other characters,but most of them also lack themselves,especially Pepe Le Pew,who (You're not going to believe this) is now a stinkin human. To make matters worse,there are so many pointless humans added to the show. What is this? Looney Tunes or Sonic X? Second,the action. Even the action scenes can't save the show. Most of them are decent,but seriously,this show seems to rely more on action than humor. Seriously,this is a Looney Tunes show? You know what,I'm not even going to call this a LT show anymore,because it's not.If they are going to lack character creativity,pointless action and bad voice acting,that's their problem. Do not watch this show wherever you could find it,because it's boring,stupid,pointless,idiotic,horrible and bad in so many ways. Just watch Duck Dodgers or the original Looney Tunes.

  • While it does have plenty of action, decent stories, and was a pretty nice way to reboot the Loony Toons. Loonatics Unleashed lacks humor, some memorable characters, and the new Loony Toons fail to act like their predecessors.

    Loony Toons has not been treated well when it comes to spin offs. While some like Duck Dodgers were really good, there are usually some bad ones as well. One of the more recent attempts to reboot the franchise was Loonatics Unleashed. In this show, it takes place 700 years into the future where a new group of Loony Toons have become heroes and face evil foes that threaten their city. Premise wise, the story is decent and not too bad, but it falls apart rather quick. One thing you will notice is that the new Loony Toons act NOTHING like their previous counterparts. The new Bugs, Ace, is too arrogant, the new Lola, Lexi, is not as strong, The new Roadrunner and Coyote. Rev Roadrunner and Tech E. Coyote, don't chase each other and are good friends, the Tasmanian Devil, can't remember name, can speak now and not in gibberish, and the Daffy, can't remember name either, is not as egotistical or crazy as before. The artwork is also rather bizarre. The characters are drawn really weird, the atmosphere is dark which is rather unusual for a Loony Toons show, and the set designs are uninspired. The animation though is a big improvement, and flows smoothly in this show. The actions scenes with the Loonatics are rather satisfying and are rather enjoyable to watch and see how they go. The show though uses too much action though and not enough humor. I know this is more of an action cartoon, but it would have been nice to see the humor and the action balanced out in this show. There is also a lack of some memorable characters like Porky Pig, Pepe Le Pew, Elmer Fudd, and Yosemite Sam at all. Elmer and Sam could have been great protagonists in this show and they were never mentioned once in this show and never seen at all, and is a big disappointment. The villains we do see are not too bad, but I have seen better and are forgettable. As for the stories, they are decent enough and are rather creative, but some are just rehashes of one already done before. In the end, Loonatics Unleashed was a nice way to reboot the franchise, but it's marred by lack of memorable characters, the new Loony Toons acting nothing like their counterparts, bizarre artwork, and very few funny moments. It's still watchable, but not by a whole lot, and to be fair it's at least not Baby Loony Toons. Should this series return there needs to be improvements in the multiple faults this show has. So unless you are a die hard Loony Toons fan or a regular fan like me, this show is worth a look at once, but nothing else.

    Words can't describe how much i LOVE Loonatics Unleashed. Heres a personal story, wen i first watched Loonatics Unleashed i thought it was just a DIFFRENT VERSION of Looney Tunes...and boy was i WRONG!!! Loonatics Unleashed(LU) is like my fav tv show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It brings Looney Tunes 2 a whole new level...and i gotta say, thats wats gona make ppl love Looney Tunes even more. Wen i realized how much i LOVED LU (meaning i had it as my screensaver, my computer's background, pics of it on my wall in my room, watched it EVERYTIME it's on, watched the same epizoids like 50 times each...etc) i realized something...i was ADDICTED!!! UH OH...So i tried 2 stop watching it...but i couldn't resist the laughter it caused me everytime i see it...so boys and girls plzzz do me a favour and pass on the LU LOVERS GENERATION...LMAO thx so much! ^_^ P.S I do know how to type...lol I just chose to type this way...
  • Really quite sad actually....

    I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea. A few weeks ago, even though I knew the show was probably going to be bad I decided to search through youtube and watch a spin-off I had never seen before, Loonatics. Just as I had predicted, the show an extremely cheesy rip-off that put both looney tunes and action cartoons to shame. I decided to be fair and watch a couple more episodes. Nothing seemed to better my opinion of it though. The only character I really seemed to care for much was Rev. Danger Duck was extremely annoying, Daffy's ego is nothing compared to his, not to mention Danger seemed to come off as a coward to me... Although Lexi and Ace were supposed to be descents of Bugs and Lola, they seemed devoid of personality to me. Tech would have to be the runner-up in favoritism in my book. Tech seemed to be the one who carried the cynical nature of Bugs now, not Ace. Except for an occasional classic road-runner/Wile E. Coyote gag that would occasionally slip in, I would consider the show a failure.
  • Not that bad, actually...

    Actually, not that terribly bad.

    I was one of the people who thought this show would absolutely, completely suck and destroy the characters I loved as a kid (the original Looney Tunes). Having watched the first season, I think they only had two major problems.

    1: They insisted on linking it to the Looney Tunes.
    2: They let those god-awful "Extreme" versions of the characters see the light of day. Fortunately, they fixed them after the public screamed bloody murder.

    You cannot watch this show with the original Looney Tunes firmly in mind and enjoy it for what it is. Or, for that matter, at all.

    What they've got now is a reasonably good action cartoon, far better than most of the tripe that Kids WB has been putting on air in the past few years. Is it true to the Looney Tunes, and something that'll appeal to hard-core fans trying to see their old favorites in a new form? Heck no, that's why I listed Mistake #1. But if you watch it (at least after the first two episodes) without the "this is what they say the Looney Tunes should be" baggage involved, it's actually a pretty good show, and deserves a shot.
  • An amazing series that combines both Looney Tunes and action cartoons, in an explosive package.

    I have to say... People are always complaining that this cartoon show is the worst thing they have seen. Let me ask you one thing: Have you at least tried to watch it without thinking that this was based on Looney Tunes?

    If not, then, at least try to do what I'm suggesting. The series is quite good. The animation is solid and although sometimes the humour is a little cheesy, it's still quite funny. The characters are very well defined, and I dare to say that even though sometimes they disappoint us with a lame quote, or something of the kind, at least their super-powers give us a good dosage of action, whih is just what we need to keep the adrenalin flowing through our veins. My only objection to the series is the fact that in the first season we have villains which are not based in any Looney Tunes' characters (although I admit that they do a reasonable job in keeping the Loonatics busy). And finally, I think that they should have done a bigger team (instead of just 6 Loonatics, they should have been 12 Loonatics), with the descendants of other characters (personally, I think that Sylvester, Tweety and Porky's descendants should have been Loonatics, and not bad guys).

    Besides that, I think that this series demands a third season, my friends. If not, then at least a comic book would be a good idea too, don't you agree? A very cool show, no matter what the critics say about it.
  • Well, I think the show is great, for one thing. However, I don't think the show is cancelled. I read on a Wikipedia article that the show is currently on hiatus, and no official cancellation has been announced as of yet. So, I think we need a season 3.

    This show is about a group of anthropomorphic animals who gain superpowers from the radiation of a meteorite. Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam, Tech and Rev gain the powers of optical enhansement, supersonic hearing, teleportation, superhuman strength, regeneration, and super speed respectively. Zadavia, their supervisor from another planet, informs them of supernatural phenomena and wrongs that the team must right. The team goes on missions to save their home city of Acmetropolis, and stop villians like Optimatus, Weathervane, Black Velvet, Mastermind, and others from taking over the entire city, and of course, the world However, this series is set in the late twenty-eighth century Anno Domini.
  • Loonatics is set 700 years in the future and stars 6 superhero decendants of the Looney Tunes characters.

    When I first saw the show I thought it was pretty good it had plenty of action and a good dose of comedy. Rev became an instant favorite with his happy-go-lucky attitude followed by Tech, Ace, Lexi, Duck, and Slam. Though the first episode didn't appeal much as the series went on I grew to love the show.The second season appealed to me even more and I really hope that there'll be a third season. Though some Looney Tunes fans will disagree with me I think this is a great new version to some of the best cartoons in history so watch it.
  • Set seven hundred years into the future, the future selves of the Looney Tunesa are now the Loonatics and they find crime to keep Acmetropolis safe with style and humour!

    Okay, first I would like to start off with the show's premiering on Cartoon Network Asia in Malaysia. It first showed the first season on every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on Cartoon Network last year. At first, I could not watch the show as I am always busy the time the cartoon airs. By April, they removed the cartoon from the lineup and I was damm angry! Then, they showed the second season on TV3, a Malaysian channel, but I think they just put it up because Cartoon Network does not want to air the cartoon instead! I mean, when I watched the second season on TV3, they showed any commercials about the cartoon and now, Loonatics Unleashed is not on TV3 too!! Damm it!!!

    So, I'll start with the story line! When I found out about the show, I was shocked to find out that the Looney Tunes's future selves were in the show and the fact the show is set in 2772!! All the characters were cool, like Ace Bunny being the leader, Tech being the genius, Rev for being the funny and cheery one, Lexi for being the only girl in the group but I still like her too because she has a good personality and everything. I suppose Slam is okay too but I don't like Duck though....All of them had powers due to the 'incident' and they use their powers to fight evil!!

    This show also has great humour too. Whetever it is when the Loonatics are at their HQ or fighting villians, they still have a lot of humour too!! Finally, this show is also based on super heroes and I actually don't watch many super hero shows, although there are many other shows like Ben 10 and many more, I still think Loonatics Unleashed is a great show that has action and humour!!!!

    Also, I hate thinking about those negative reviews and critism that people have been giving about this show!!! Please, I think this show is damm good!! Hopefully, a season three will be made from WB!!!! Please!!!!! Me and other fans of this show want the show to continue!!!!!!
  • Great L.T. show

    I was shocked,surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on the Internet; I've watched this show, and frankly I find it AWESOME! and don't all of you get me wrong cause I still love the classic Looney Tunes characters too, and the classic cartoons along with this
    action-packed show. Lexi Bunny (the descendant of Lola Bunny) is my favorite "Loonatic" and also Bugs Bunny's descendant Ace Bunny (he is SO cool with his sword). My favorite villains from the show are : Black Velvet,the Mistress of Darkness and Weathervane, you know her powers reminded me of Storm from X-Men (only evil).
  • I personally really approve of this show to be honest with you. Read on to see why.

    I think this show is horribly underappreciated because people watch it, expecting Looney Tunes and all its zany fun. Well if you want the Looney Tunes, they go watch them. This isn't the Looney Tunes, this isn't Tiny Toons, and this isn't Baby Looney Tunes. Its Loonatics Unleashed. I think if people approached a show with a clear mind and didn't compare them to cartoons of old, then we wouldn't have so many negative responses for good shows. This is a pretty solid show if you really think about it. It has likable main characters and enjoyible villian. The stories a pretty inventive too. Good voice acting as well. I mean there are some pretty high quality names in its roster. But most of all, if you watch it closely you can see how they salute all the Looney Tunes cartoons. So instead of watching it saying to yourself. "Man another WB Looney Tunes rip off." You should say, "Hey its not the Looney Tunes, but it might be entertaining none the less." Oh did I happen to mention I'm 27 and grew up watching Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Baby Looney Tunes and everytime I watched them, I went in with a positive attitude about them. It can be the same for all the doubters out there, if you go in with a positive attitude about this show you will find something you like.
  • OMG this show is completely horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is sick I mean come on looney tunes was fun and original this stupid show is just a generic knock-off made to get money off of.I mean warner bros. obviously made this just to get some money,meaning that this show has rip-off characters, bad ideas, bad names this is the worst idea of warner bros.It saddens me to know that the awesome characters that we all grew up with are being potrayed so stupidly in this retarded show.I think that anyone who likes this show dosn't even bother to think about the old great ones greatness whatsoever.This show completely spits on the wonderful characters of looney tunes.Its unoriginal and horrible.
  • WOW!AMAZING(did I mention its amazing!!!)

    Okay,I didnt really love the first episode(I dont really think about love at first sight)but I thought the show had potencial and loooooooots of it! Anyways, I kept watching and fell in love when they played the episode Sypher. I thought it was great!!! YAY!!! 0_o. Anyways, by second season, I was addicted! Everything I thought about was Loonatics( well, except breathing.xD) I love in search of Tweetums(2) It was awsome! But what gets me is that some people think its a rip-off of the Loony Tunes( which I LOVE!!!) But its not. Too much action, not enough humer. Well aside from it having LOTS of humer, its for 7-11 years olds. Kids LOVE action, and the humer is good enough for them. I dont think its a rip-off, I think its an upgraded version( sorry if I spelt it wrong) In other words my favorite show EVER!!!I hope theres a season 3! Season 2 just blew me away!! It wasnt as dark in gloomy in this season then the last season. The villians are cool in this, too. My faves are Deuce and Optimarus( I think I spelt it wrong) There cool, and serious.Awsome show, period. Just, soooo, PERFECT!!!
  • It's has to get better when it first started, it was already at Rock Bottom.........

    But the show got a little when it progresses throughout Season 1

    However, the first season finale was very predictable!!!!

    But in the middle of the second season, this plot soon became unpredictable!!!

    I mean who would have thought that Granny was with ****


    Piggyster was evil the entire time and he kinda tricked me, too...

    And the seasonfinale was better than the first one!!!

    They brought back that Ultimpius dude back but he became good!

    I waiting on the third season (Might not be one, though) because it seems to me that season finale was a series finale!!!!

    But if there is one, though.

    I'll tune in to see it.
  • I seriously dont get it. Loony Tunes characters as poorly drawn super heroes and ill sounding voices. I seriously dont get what's going on. Anyway, creating a show about superheroes based on Loony Tunes is a pretty good idea.Buttheyshouldmakeitlook

    I seriously dont get it.
    Loony Tunes characters as poorly drawn super heroes and ill sounding voices. I seriously dont get what's going on. Anyway, creating a show about superheroes based on Loony Tunes is a pretty good idea.But they should make it look better. A lot better. The show has an intresting idea, but bad, unoriginal concept. Its kinda funny at times but also annoying. I sometimes want to take the show off, and all my friends are annoyed of it. And Slam Tasmanian goes like:
    Raraararar g0afed DadBafR! What on earth? Okay they made Tech.E.Coyote have a voice, but in the original LT he was mute. Taz didn't have a voice here. Please remake the show...
  • weird action show its about these loony tunes whos now day generations are heroes this show is weird not really a great action show this shows's alright

    I sawe this one morning and it was weird strange the animation looks alright 6.5/10.0 the action is crazy 8.0/10.0 this shows alright this show isnt that bad when will people stop hating this show 8.4/10.0 this show might get better right now this show i just dont understand i still wish i didnt need to put in 100 words.
  • Loonatics: Looney Tunes from the Future

    After watching the episode premiere, I assume this would be the best. It's totally perfect! Ace Bunny does take it after Bugs. Danger Duck suffers the same bad luck comparing to Daffy. I only got to see Lola once as a grown-up character from the Looney Tunes movie, so Lexi is cool. Tech E. Coyote is quite a genius, even though Wile E. does talk much. Rev Runner is a fast speaker, but his ancestor Road Runner only say "Beep, Beep!" Slam Tasmanian does talk unintelligibly like Taz.

    The Tiny Toons are also now obsolete. That show only taught kids how to rebel, disobey the rules, and get themselves in trouble with the law. No wonder it got off of air. I never liked them anyways. I only watched that show, because I had nothing better to do.

    Evers since the second season arrive, the show is bringing in new characters based on the original Looney Tunes. Some of them are good and most of them are evil. For instance, the Royal Tweetums is a cute descendant of Tweety Bird. He enjoys taking pleasure into hurting his archenemy Sylth Vester, the villainous successor of Sylvester the cat. The other descendants appear to be human; Ophiuchus Sam doesn’t count. Pepé Le Pew’s successor is a human villain who holds illegal wrestling federations. When it comes to understanding whose good or evil, I guess some descendants don’t appear to be the same as their ancestors.

    I think that the Loonatics are the best WB show ever since some of those series. Instead of being just comical, they can be tough in any battles. This series is a reminder how great or pathetic the Looney Tunes characters are. Who is your favorite character?
  • Not the best show ever, but it takes time to warm up to it. But remember, looks can fool you.

    I have to admit when I heard and saw the pictures of this show on the internet I thought good God, another aweful remake attempt. But of course, being a Looney Tune Fan I had to watch it to see what it was a really about. I\'ve only seen two episodes and half of the theme song, but already I\'m apprieciating it more. At first the character\'s looks, the story lines even the show story line sound ridicuoulus at first (Looney Tune desendents fighting crime...and some creating it 700 years in future) but still give it a chance. It\'s not a gem in modern animation (no new shows are) but the more you watch it the more you appriciate the ridiculous voices and random, sometimes funny, gags. I hope I\'ll enjoy it more in future.

    PS I took a quiz at quizilla, and I\'m Rev Roadrunner!
  • A group of furries and the city-planet they protect in a story that we are gradually learning the details of.

    There's one thing that viewers need to understand about Loonatics: it pays tribute to the original Warner Brothers cartoons,but it has it's own story to tell. How the characters relate to one another is the high light of the show, as well as snagging a hint or too of what's likely to come later in the season. All of the main characters are endearing in their own way. The story also becomes fairly engrossing when it goes full swing. (The first couple of episodes aren't the best examples of what the show is like.)
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