Loonatics Unleashed

The CW (ended 2007)





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  • While it does have a moment or 2, the show lacks what it takes to make a successful superhero show

    Knowing Saturday morning cartoons, it would`nt be too big of a surprise to see below average quality to viewers who desire much better plot, character and story lines. This show seemed to have a faint ember of hope at the start since the characters were based off more successful classic cartoon animals but by the end of the fifth episode, it`s clear the writers and animators definition of great is questionable.

    This show suffers under the foot of reused animation, aimless character development (if any) and unfunny comedy. When watching the show, I noticed that several scenes like the team leaving HQ and the attacks from supervillians seem to be shown more than a few times which makes the show feel like a cheap attempt to tell a cool story. While I`m not trying to be too materialistic (and I would like to point out reusing shots may work) the result cost this show some points on the scale. The repeat animation wouldn`t be a problem if the characters, both hero and villian, actually had a spine in development.

    To be direct, none of the characters feel like any effort was put into them. Due to major plot holes in every episode, it`s hard to see them evolve in any way and when the show pauses in a cliffhanger moment, you probably won`t care if they make it or not. Whenever each character has a moment on screen for themselves, it feels devoid of any remote emotion. Out of all the characters, I think Danger Duck seems to be the least transparent since he seems to act more realistically in scenarios and points out things that we find annoying about the characters or the characters jokes.

    Perhaps if more care was put in the plot, then this show would have been much greater but instead, this is one Saturday morning cartoon best forgotten.