Loonatics Unleashed - Season 1

The CW (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Acmegeddon (2)
    Episode 13
    Zadavia reveals the location of Optimatus' hideout and the rescue on Danger Duck. When Zadavia is captured, the Loonatics must rescue her, save Acmetropolis, and defeat Optimatus.
  • Acmegeddon (1)
    Episode 12
    Mallory Mastermind, Sypher, Weathervane, and Massive have been unwillingly recruited by a mysterious alien being known as Optimatus. He orders the villains to capture the Loonatics and plant a chip in their headquarters. They did as he said. While the Loonatics battle it out with their foes, Zadavia tries to warn them of the new villian. A secret from the past will be revealed.moreless
  • 2/18/06
    The Loonatics take on an old enemy of Tech: Mallory Mastermind. When Mallory escapes from prison, she swears revenge on Tech. It will take all the genius Tech has to defeat this genius of a foe.
  • Time After Time
    Episode 10
    Time Skip, a villain who can control time, plans revenge on the military for stealing his design for the Trolbot 9000 by stealing the Trolbot 9000 and the Loonatics must stop him. Things get worse when Ace experiences Deja Vu thanks to Time Skip's grandfather Dr. Fidel Chroniker who requires his help to stop Time Skip. How can they stop Time Skip?moreless
  • Sypher
    Episode 9
    A new villian called Sypher comes to town in a sceam to steal the powers of the Loonatics.
  • 11/19/05
    Having the ability to control gravity, the new villain Massive uses it to his advantage to steal money from Acmetropolis to gain as much money as he can. While the Loonatics and the citizens prepare for the championship game of Basherball, Massive attempts to steal the championship trophy.
  • 11/12/05
    An intergalactic circus featuring very rare and unique animals arrives at Acmetropolis for a show. However, unknown to them, the animals are composed of a mixture of human and animal DNA. Ringmaster is then revealed to be the one behind all of it. While trying to investigate the circus, the Loonatics are transformed by Ringmaster and must now find a way to return to normal and stop him.moreless
  • The Comet Cometh
    Episode 6
    After some investigating, Tech finds out that another meteor several times bigger than the previous one that gave them their powers is headed for impact towards Acmetropolis. Meanwhile, the citizens of Acmetropolis celebrate the one-year anniversary of the previous meteor strike.
  • Going Underground
    Episode 5
    Parts of Acmetropolis are left underground after an earthquake strikes. The Loonatics then learn that it was caused by an evil genius named Dr. Dare, who's plan is to turn the entire world inside-out -- starting with Acmetropolis.
  • Weathering Heights
    Episode 4
    When lightning strikes an overly jealous girl who wanted to be a weather personality, she becomes Weathervane, a being with the power to control weather, and bring forth chaos on Acmetropolis! It's up to the Loonatics to stop her before she destroys Acmetropolis with her "rain" of terror!
  • 10/1/05
    Zadavia sends the Loonatics of a mission involving Black Velvet, the new bad girl. B. V. says that when the meteor hit earth it completely blinded her to the light. This is her excuse for stealing the Acmetropolis main computer, that Tech helped create. Because of this she kidnaps Tech and brain washes him to send radio transmiting waves that will cover the earth in total darkness. Will the loonatics be able to stop the missiles heading Tech's way? Will they be able to defeat B.V.?moreless
  • 9/24/05
    A new Bio-pet is the ultimate craze in Acmetropolis. But once the Fuz-Zs start to eat chocolate, the Loonatics are called in to investigate.
  • Loonatics on Ice
    Episode 1
    An extremely large iceberg appears and threatens to put Acmetropolis into a new Ice Age. It's up to the Loonatics to save the city before it's frozen over. Who is behind this extreme disaster and why?
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