Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

A new villian called Sypher comes to town in a sceam to steal the powers of the Loonatics.

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  • Good episode!

    This so far has been the best episode in the series' so far, an interesting villain in Sypher who steals the powers of all of the Loonatics and uses them to defeat them in their first couple meetings. At first I thought the episode was going towards Duck being in the spotlight, pitting him in a situation where he would defeat Sypher, instead it was actually Tech and Ace who shine. I thought Tech did a brilliant job of coming up with suits that mimics the Loonatics original powers in only five minutes! I also liked the fight scenes here compared to the previous episodes, especially Slam's twister clash with Sypher.moreless
  • My new favourite!

    This episode is so cool the way the new villian Sypher steals the loonaics powers it was great to see the loonatics fight without their powers for a change.Anyway Sypher steals a star baseball players skills and makes a winning shot. After that Ace and Rev congratulate him and their powers are taken. When a dam burst Sypher steals Lexi and Slams powers and when they find out Sypher stole their powers the Loonatics confront him only to have Tech and Ducks powers taken. Tech builds special armor for them to fight Sypher they get their powers back through touch and save the day. Great episode!moreless
  • While still great (and voiced by another favorite actor of mine), it was just a filler ep until they had better ideas.

    It was great to see the Loonatics so vulnerable, it really showed their civilian sides. They had to think harder (and Tech had to walk around his lab instead of attracting everything with his magnestism!), and they had to fight harder as well.

    Plus, it didn't help that Sypher was a good dodge. In the end, he was just like Duck- he just wanted attention and respect. He went about it the wrong way, but some people do that.

    I swear I heard Rev yell "H3|_|_ yeah!" when he got his powers back. I swear it on my own grave, people!moreless
  • I'm getting tired of watching reuns of this ep they should have insted just made this about how thier lives were before they got their powers but no thats asking to much from the WB apperanly.moreless

    okay look I'm getting tired of watching reruns of this episode its an okay ep but the loonatics getting there powers stolen I've seen that once or twice before.yeah they get it back yeah hes in prison but I think this eps was a little unneccary they should of insted have just made this eps of how there lives were before they got there powers.not like the comet cometh when it was just two mins for each person it should be the entire episode devoted to there lives before all of this happened but the WB wont do that because that would be asking to much.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Ace is talking about how they don't need powers to stop Sypher, Rev's beak is orange, the same color as Duck's.

    • When Sypher steals Tech's powers, why wouldn't Tech just run away before Sypher got a chance to steal them? He knew Sypher was the one stealing their powers.
      (Response: Sypher was using the super-speed stolen from Rev, so Tech couldn't react fast enough to run away. By the time he realized Sypher had his hand on him, the villain was already draining away his power. Also, the show slowed down how quickly Sypher can take away peoples' powers for the viewer's benefit; in "real-time" in probably takes no more than a second or so, seeing as neither Rev nor Ace realized that shaking hands with Sypher had resulted in the loss of their powers.)

    • In this episode, Duck converts his power eggs into giant round stones to plug up a dam, indicating that his 'eggs' can potentially mimic physical matter as well as energy.

    • Danger is the only loonatic who gets a chance to fight Sypher.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Tech said that whatever caused Ace and Rev to lose their powers must not have affected their natural abilities. If Sypher can't take away a person's natural abilities, then how was he able to take away Trick Daley's game tactics?

      Reply: Because Trick had no powers to take, ergo it affected him the other way around.

    • The Loonatics' eyes turn a sickly greenish color when their powers have been swiped. This is the order in which their powers are stolen:
      BUT, at one point, it shows Lexi and Tech sharing a huge couch. Lexi's powers have been stolen and her eyes are green. Even though Tech still has his powers, for one shot his eyes are also green.

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    • Sypher's abilities are similar to that of the DC comics character Parasite, but bear the closest resemblence to Marvel comics' Absorbing Man.

    • After Sypher took away the Loonatics' powers, instead of using it for justice, he intended to abuse the powers for personal gain, as Eric Summers did after absorbing Clark's power in Smallville:"Leech".

    • He looks and sounds like Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock, and his hair resembles Hot Streak's, while his powers resemble Leech's, plus they both have the same voice actor.

    • Sypher's look and powers resemble that of Hot Streak and Leech from Static Shock