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Loonatics Unleashed

Season 2 Episode 4

The Heir Up There

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 04, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Loonatics have to transport Tweetums, the heir to the throne, to his home planet of Blanc to end a war. Little do they know is that they are threatened by a force named Sylth Vester and an unknown figure. Both will stop at nothing to see that the Loonatics don't complete their mission.moreless

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  • The Futuristic Rivalry Between Sylvester and Tweety

    Unlike the original Looney Tunes moment between Sylvester and Tweety, this one is better. Sylth Vester vows revenges against the Royal Tweetums for the series of scars he suffered because of the little yellow bird. Also, I just can’t believe that Granny’s descendant is evil. Her name is Queen Grannicus, and she associates with Sylth Vester. So it was up to Ace, Danger, and Slam to bring Tweetums back to Planet Blanc to reclaim his throne while Lexi, Rev, and Tech are back at the headquarters. Danger was having difficulty supervising the canary prince. Tweetums was wandering around the spaceship and caused Duck great pain.

    It’s really hilarious to watch this episode, because it brings back memories from the past. Sylvester and Tweety’s rivalry has led to this futuristic battle. The only difference is that Granny was a good old lady, while Queen Grannicus is an evil royal woman who wants Tweetums out of the picture. The second season just keeps getting better.moreless
  • This episode returns the Loonatics back to their roots of being Looney Tunes.

    As I said before, this episode involves some of the classics gags of the Looney Tunes, like Granny\'s surprise \'twists\' at the end of episodes and Tweety\'s catchphrase \"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!\" The team has to escort the young heir to a planet, Prince Tweetums, who only \'3 and a half parsecs old,\' and takes a liking to Duck, who doesn\'t feel the same way. The two relive classic gags as a child (Tweetums) endangers himself but on his rescuer (Duck) is the one who gets hurt.

    Also, the Surprising part, to me, was Sylvester\'s descendant, the slightly muscular Sylth Vester. Though he had a real evil bad guy look, he\'s still the same puddy tat that we all know and love.

    My favorite part is when Duck and Sylth Vester were talking over their injuries from Tweetums.

    Personaly, I would want to have either Tweetums or Sylth Vester back in future episodes. Both have great chemistry for the main cast of characters.moreless
  • Too annoying to be really enjoyable.

    Unless you love the thought of watching Duck get screwed over by a canary for twenty miutes, it is best to leave this one alone. There is little action in this episode, only brief moments where weapons are fired back and forth between the enemy and the Loonatics. Most of the episode centered around Duck, who was drafted into watching over Tweetums. Tweetums is just a jerk in this episode, pure and simple. He tries to pass off as adorable at the same time, but he comes across more as annoying, since it is obvious that he consciously loves to torment people while trying to act innocent. There were a few good moments. The argument between Tech and Rev where they fight over whether or not anyone could be smarter than Tech, and the brief exchange between Duck and Sylth Vester where they compared battle scars were noteable. The one redeeming event would have to be the climax toward the end. Nice twist! I don't think anyone would have guessed who the real villain was. Unfortunately, the resolution was rushed, so it was over and done with in 30 seconds. And of course Duck ends up getting the worst of it in the end. Compared the the rest of season 2 so far, this had to be one of the weaker episodes.moreless
Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Queen Grannicus

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Queen Grannicus's disguised voice

Recurring Role

Joe Alaskey

Joe Alaskey

Sylth Vester / The Royal Tweetums

Recurring Role

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