Loonatics Unleashed

Season 1 Episode 11

The Menace of Mastermind

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 18, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

The Loonatics take on an old enemy of Tech: Mallory Mastermind. When Mallory escapes from prison, she swears revenge on Tech. It will take all the genius Tech has to defeat this genius of a foe.

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  • Battle of the wits.

    Tech E. battles against Mallory who is so smart that she can turn any electronical device into a weapon. Battle of the wits are always my favorite fights, this was a decently played out wit battle, I wish Mallory put up more of a fight though against Tech. It was pretty neat watching Tech thinking of areas where Mallory couldn't track them down through cam, the fighting in the simulation was all right too. It also contained two jokes that I didn't think were extremely corny, the instant when Tech made the joke about Mallory being powerless, and Ace taking a shot at Duck.moreless
  • This is my personal favorite episode!

    I think this is the best episode yet! It is VERY well-written, the plot is GREAT and VERY exiting, and it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. It was very exctiting and amusing, with lots of action and accurate science (I personally looked it up), and the conclusion was cool and somewhat amusing. The very end, where the Loonatics are back in their HQ, relaxing, is amusing but slightly confusing. Why do they look like their ancestors? Are their usual appearances their uniforms? But all in all, this is a GREAT episode in a GREAT show. A must-see!moreless
  • Look up at the site's description

    Overall this was a sort of silly episode. The villian was absolutely ridicilous! But still the viewers got to know a little more about Tech E. Coyote. The more I learn about this character, the more I love him! He seems to be the most complex of the Loonatics. Granted we have not had much time to delve into the back story of any of the characters, but from what we do know, Tech is definately the most interesting. He is actually silly at times and still can pull off brooding, angry, intelligent. Essentially he is an awesome character! One can't help but love any focus on his character!moreless

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    • (The Loonatics are in a holographic beach)
      Duck: Oh, Yeah. This is just what the doctor ordered after a tough assignment.
      Lexi: Yeah, Duck's right. Chilling is good.
      Ace: Amazing.
      Lexi: What? The beach? The sun?
      Ace: No. Duck being right about something.

    • Lexi: (reading Tech's instructions to the E.M.P) Tech said it came with simple instructions. Simple my lucky foot.

    • Mallory: (after seeing Tech is still alive) What? I thought it was cats that have nine lives.

    • Mallory: You're proving yourself to be more wiley than I ever expected.
      Tech: And your're just as twisted as I ever thought you were.
      Mallory: Not twisted. Enlightened. But then you were always jealous of my brain power!
      Tech: It's not your intellect I had problems with; it's your swollen head.

    • Tech: (about his inventions being tampered) I should have seen this coming. I feel like such a peabrain.
      Ace: You're no peabrain, Tech, but it is time to take your ballooned-brained girlfriend out.
      Mallory: I heard that.

    • Rev: (Reading the EMP instructions to Lexi) Step ninety-nine: load Albert McFerrien's programming into onboard encryption chip uniborax. Step one hundred: press the big red button!

    • Rev: (Being chased by a robot vacuum cleaner) I've heard of "cleaning house", but this is ridiculous!
      Lexi: Rev, lead that big sucker this way!
      Rev: If you'd told me when I woke up this morning that I'd be bait for a runaway vacuum cleaner, I'd have said you were just plain nuts!

    • Tech: My brilliant inventions! What has that ghastly woman done to my babies?!

    • Mallory: An electro-magnetic pulse? That's not fair, you mangy dog!
      Tech: What's not fair is you turning my own inventions, my precious babies, against me! You crossed the line, fat-head! And for the last time, I'm not a dog, I'm a coyote!

    • Mallory: You taught me everything I know.
      Tech: But not everything I Know!

    • Tech: We have to get to the EMP.
      Duck: You don't need to spell it out for me; I know what an "emp" is!(Pause) What's an "emp"?

    • (The Loonatic's jet is about to crash)
      Duck: We're doomed! Doomed!
      Lexi: This is not the time to panic!
      Duck: Are you kidding?! This is exactly the time to panic!

    • Lexi: We've got company!
      Tech: It's gotta be her.
      Mallory: Give that dog a bone! Nice to see you again, Tech!
      Tech: Wish I could say the same!

  • NOTES (8)


    • Lexi: Simple my lucky foot.

      This is referring to the superstition that rabbits' feet are lucky. Ace made a similar crack in the episode "Weathering Heights".

    • The relationship between Tech and Mastermind is alot like the one between Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom. Both went to collage together, but one them got physically changed by a lab accedent(for Doom facal scars, for Mastermind a larger head) and blames their partner for it.

    • Mallory: (To Tech) You've proven yourself to be more wiley then I ever imagined!
      A possible reference to Tech's ancestor, Wile E Coyote.